Last updated: 20 October 2007

For some time I have been pondering the saga of Scopetronix and how I should address it. My love of Scopetronix and its ETX products started about 9 years ago. Scopetronix was one of the original developers of ETX add-ons and accessories and quickly developed a strong customer base based on the quality of the products and the support offered by Jordan Blessing. I believe that my ETX Site helped create some of the customer base. This continued for many years and we all owe a lot to Jordan for his dedication.

However, a few years ago some troubles began to develop with Scopetronix. I won't go into the details here as I do not know all the facts and do not wish to continue rumors or disinformation. But the Scopetronix that many of us came to love is no more. Jordan's "Scopetronix" is under new management and many of the same quality products that Scopetronix sold over the years are still available from the Scopetronix web site (http://www.scopetronix.com). Scopetronix is still in somewhat of a "recovery mode" and hopefully the Scopetronix reputation of many years ago will be restored. While many buyers of Scopetronix products in the recent past had difficulties with their purchases, I am beginning to see signs that those problems may be over. I have received prompt responses to my emails sent to Scopetronix. If you are experiencing further difficulties or have had positive experiences with the new Scopetronix please let me know.

I have received some reports of a relatively new "Scopetronix-like" dealer in accessories: CNC Parts Supply, Inc. (http://www.cncsupplyinc.com). The current look of their web site is very similar to the look of the current Scopetronix web site and some of their products are very similar to some of Scopetronix's offerings. There are many rumors about this company but I have no definitive information on them to publish at this time. I can only say that as of this writing, my emails to them have not been answered. Buyer reports, good and bad, on CNC Parts Supply are welcome.

In the past I strongly recommended Scopetronix but had to stop recommending them when it became obvious that their service and support had deteriorated. I am not quite yet ready to resume recommending Scopetronix nor can I yet recommend CNC Parts Supply. I anxiously await your comments on either or both. I will update this page with new confirmed information when is available.

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