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Subject:	Update on CNC Supply -
Sent:	Sunday, January 11, 2009 17:34:50
From:	Frank Bresz (
I received a new ETX-90 PE for Christmas.  This is my first scope. 
Found your site and learned quite a lot.  I just thought I'd drop you a
not to comment about CNC Supply - the company that appears to be the
descendant of ScopeTronix.  I found them on the web, and although your
site showed some mixed results.  I found what I was seeking - a complete
kit for an Olympus C-740.  I ordered on New Year's Eve and received my
package on Jan 7.  A reasonable turn around from my perspective.  I was
getting nervous about delivery, so I sent them a note, and received a
tracking number back from them in less than 1 hour.  I haven't had clear
skies since the parts arrived, and I've tried a few terrestrial shots
but I need to get a bit more experienc w/ focus and such as things are
only OK.

Great site - keep up the good work.

- Frank P. Bresz }*{

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