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Subject:	Meade quality
Sent:	Friday, March 1, 2002 10:40:46
From: (Tommy Norton)
Your web-site is one of the best I've seen and the information and
encouragement you and Dr. Sherrod give is extremely valuable.  I am a
recipient of Dr. Sherrod's ETX125 reconditioning, and I could not be
more satisfied.  I am mystified, however, as to why the Meade
Corporation is not held accountable for the numerous problems with the
ETX scopes and their apparent very poor quality control.  Most
businesses with this kind of record would probably not survive.  Is
there any way to get some response from Meade regarding this problem?

Tommy Norton
Mike here: Meade stands by its products. If you consider that very likely several tens of thousands of ETX telescopes have been sold and that only a few problems have been reported through the Site and that most people only write when having problems, it is easy to see that the percentage of actual problems is likely very small. Having Clay Supercharge your telescope certainly adds value to the purchase and Meade could have done that but then the purchase price would have been higher. And again, many users seem to be perfectly happy with their telescope.

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