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Subject:	 ETX-125
Sent:	Wednesday, April 26, 2000 23:01:11
From:	rlonn@home.com (Robert Lonn)
I read the frustration in the voice of Gary Honis about his 5th scope
from MEADE. I called MEADE this week and asked a representative about
this problem. He claimed to have no knowledge about this. I asked him
how long he had worked for meade. He told me 2 years. I said to him the
following, "Look,it is very hard for me to believe you have no knowledge
about this problem. All you have to do is read the web sites or call
several local dealers. They all know about the random slewing, why don't
you?" I then asked him why has MEADE decided to stonewall this issue
since I would bet $50.00 you know what the problem is? Silence on the
other end! I then told him that being down in San Diego, what if I drive
up to the factory to talk about this problem." Then it happened. He hung
up on me!!!!! I called back and asked for the same person. She told me
he went home sick one hour ago?? I said I just talked to him 2 minutes
ago??? She said I could not help you and could leave a voice mail! I
said let me talk to an engineering! She said no one was available!!

OK, I called back again and identified myself as a manager of the local
Discovery store and wanted to talk to sales. Phone rang into an office,
person just said hello. I identified myself as XXXXX Of the Discovery
store in San Diego. This is getting interesting. "I am not authorized to
deal with you on a local level" Have your regional manager contact XXXXX
at this number, XXXXXXXX. I said answer this on question for me, what
gives with the folks who are having the random slew problems, should we
give them their money back? Silence for a second, and he then said "We
stand behind our products, and all defective equipment should be return
to the factory for repair or exchange. I then said, WAIT, you did not
answer my question, what is going on, should we stop selling this scope
or what?? He said give me your name and number and I will have someone
call you back!! I hung up on him :>).

Now does this sound like a Governmental run place or what. HUSH HUSH!!!
These folks are very good at not revealing anything. Sounds like the CIA
at work..

What did I figure about all of this. Meade has a very serious problem
with either a software or hardware issue. They change out parts for
folks and the problem still continues. MIKE, I was glad to see that
MEADE did not contribute to this web page. Talk about conflict of
interest. I have never tried to deceive anyone like I did, but how else
can you get information except to trick someone into telling me
something. Reading all these emails has been frustrating for me, since
these folks are the future of Amateur Astronomy! The NEXSTAR 8 inch is a
nice unit. So what will MEADE do??? I can see it now, a ETX-250, that is
very big, Random Slew hits person and knocks them down to the ground????
I will continue to watch for updates here and hope I soon read something
that tells us all. BTW, my ETX-125 and Autostar have always run off of a
12 volt DC battery pack. Random slew only once, on a cold night in the
high desert. 95% of the time it works OK. Warm Summer nights have

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