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Subject:	Meade
Sent:	Monday, April 9, 2001 02:25:39
From:	lee@maiseldata.com
Hi! was searching, and came upon your ETX archives. Great site!

I just wanted to mention that I will never buy a meade product again.

I bought a Meade etx-90, and it's actually a decent scope. However, I
paid $595 for it, and about 2 weeks later Meade comes out with the
ETX-90 EC !! Now I wouldnt feel so bad normally, but they priced it at
$595!  Same dang price!  So I call them up, and say, "look, I JUST
bought this thing, and now you have it for the same price, but with the
electronic controls. is there a way we can trade out or something?" I
was even willing to pay a little for an "upgrade"!  What I was told, was
that I was essentially screwed, and that I could just go and order a new
model at full price and sell the old one to someone at a huge loss.  I
even sent a letter to the president of Meade, mailed it, faxed it, etc
never got a response. Soooo... I was actually in the market for a much
larger scope, and was planning on buying the 14" model Meade makes, but
since they pissed me off, I bought a CM-1400 from Celestron instead, and
faxed a copy of the receipt to Meade along with a letter explaining why
I chose the Celestron over their scope! Meade makes some good equipment,
too bad they have such a lousy customer satisfaction dept.

Sorry to dump such a tirade on you, but Thought it was relevant to the


Mike here: Unfortunately this happened to a lot of people in January 1999 when the ETX-90EC was announced. And it happens in many markets, not just with telescopes. Buy a computer today and it is probably outdated tomorrow. Buy a car today and shortly there is a new model with more features (although at least with cars there is a cycle of "updates"). Get a loan today and rates drop shortly after you're committed.

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