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Subject:	meade celestron settlement
Sent:	Sunday, August 1, 2004 11:54:39
From:	H L Keaton (
I am a member of The Nexstar Group on yahoo as well as a Meade Group.
There is a strong push by some in the Celestron group to wage a campaign
to have the settlement not be inforced. This is to be done by E-mails to
the FTC, Meade and others. I personally am glad to see a settlement that
allows Celestron to keep its' GoTo line. This, I hope, will bring the
quality of both companies products to a higher level as well as to
encourage new innovative ideas instead of waging a legal battle tht
could ultimately kill Celestron. I was just wodering what Mr.ETX (you)
think of this situation. I do think 8% per scope plus the fofiture of
future technology may be a little harsh on Celestron, but considering
what could have happened, this has to be considered a win win settlement
for both.
                                                     Thanks Very Much,
                                                        Hulett Keaton
Mike here: Anything that ends work for lawyers is a good idea! Since there was no monopoly involved (unlike another high profile case...) the settlement seems OK. I don't know the details of the case but if both parties have agreed, that is good.

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