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Subject:	 etx125ec
Sent:	Sunday, October 8, 2000 00:42:58
From:	winger@mail.mia.bellsouth.net (Chuck Klacko)
Just a little comment I heard about the ETX-125EC. I have learned that
there will be a price increase of $100.00. This to me is a little
bacwards, I feel that with some of the typical problems that the users
are having, maybe Meade should try and fix these first. I feel if
anything the price should drop by the same amount. with all the upgrade
by third parties needed to actually make the scope work as intened this
is not a great idea. Yes I know about supply and demand but lets not get
carried away.

I heard of this increase on the Nextar website. the article was ETX125
vs. Nextar 5.

Now I know this could be a marketing ploy but what a mistake this could
be. Meade should fix the little quirks first then worry about raising
the price. I do own a ETX125 and alot of the extras, kinda wish some of
the stuff came with the scope.

Thanks for the time and space
Mike here: Don't know about the price increase. Certainly prices are going up in other areas (gas, electricity, etc.) so maybe if it is true about the ETX-125EC price, maybe that is a factor. Of course, it could also be just a rumor, started on the NexStar site or elsewhere. Sort of like the rumor I hear about Microsoft: they are in financial trouble, which is why Microsoft charges so much for software upgrades and site license renewals. I am sure that greed and arrogance have nothing to do with Microsoft's pricing structures. ;-)

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