Last updated: 3 December 2000

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Subject:	 why I love my ETX 90/EC
From:	seppi.evans@ntlworld.com (Seppi Evans)
It eats batteries...just when you need them.

It small to fit in a closet (I managed to hid it from the wife for over
1 year!, then got rid of her....)

I use it like Dodsonian, plonk it on the floor, loosen the locks and
swing away

It work in daylight!

It work at night - in the light polluted city

It work at night, in the city, indoors via an open window (aaaahh I hear
you cry)

The kids see stars and planets without climbing chairs when the ETX is
dumped on the ground

The Autostar has a mind of its own.....

It fits in the car, train, buss and goes on holiday

You know that sooner or later the plastic will break!

The supplied spotter scope is great if you are 2" tall

It cost a fortune in the UK

When the Autostar does work, the neighbours look out the windows,
turning on the lights to see what all the noise is and wiping out the

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