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Subject:	a YEAR-END thought for our readers.....
Sent:	Sunday, December 2, 2001 11:59:11
From: (Clay Sherrod)
Reflecting on a Wonderful Year Among Friends.....

Happy Holidays from the Sherrods!  We hope that each and everyone of you
enjoy a wondrous and astronomically enriching Christmastime and the best
of promise for the New Year.

Several things are worth "recollecting about" at this time.  The first
and foremost by far are the innumerable friendships and associations
that I have developed from all of you through our correspondence.  Many
people speak constantly about the "impersonal nature" of e-commerce and
related chats and correspondence.

I beg to differ....through the hard work of Mike Weasner and the support
of each and every one who logs onto his site, there have been
friendships developed and maintained on a "first name basis" for all of
us.  Indeed, only the handshake is missing for many of you, and the
promise of the "2nd Annual Mighty ETX Star Party" will assure that this
missing link will be applied directly this coming year!

We have been afforded this grand opportunity to relate, correspond and
understand each other as we stand separated by vast oceans, miles,
languages and customs....the commonality to all of us is the beautiful
sky and it never-ending invitation to explore its depths.

From the Supercharge standpoint, let me say that it has been an absolute
privilege to service the many telescopes from around the world and
provide a smile on so many faces.....I haven't lost a patient yet,
although some may continue to "walk with a limp" from
will know who you are!

Thus far, it has been my opportunity to service telescopes from 37 of
our United States - including Saipan, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and
the Virgin Islands - all of Canada, Mexico, South America, Australia,
Japan, China, Greece, Spain, Great Britain, South Africa, Switzerland,
Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Israel.

Although only a modest gesture, I want to invite ALL clients of the
Arkansas Sky Observatory's Supercharge from 2001 to take advantage
ANYTIME for a free Autostar upgrade and Tour update as a "Thank You". I
now have over 40 available tours, and current-to-the-week data on all
asteroids, comets and satellites that can be upgraded the same day I
receive your Autostar.  Your observing coordinates are also always
determined and entered at no charge as well.

For 2002 - it is rare that we have a year that is the same on "one end"
as it is the other....let us hope that the current prosperity and hope
that we all have from the wonderful 2001 experience will carry through
until for the duration of our coming 365 days.

May the skies above you provide you with the knowledge, tranquility and
peace that your Maker chose for you to behold with every skyward

P. Clay and Patsy Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatory

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