Last updated: 7 January 2006
Subject:	Asteroids
Sent:	Friday, January 6, 2006 16:22:47
From:	Konkal, John (John.Konkal@northernhealth.ca)
As ophthalmologists we do have some interesting phenomenon or
photograph. This condition is known as "Asteroid" hyalosis. These are
tiny whiote bodies that float in the vitreous cavity in the back of the
eye. It is not exactly astronomy but you now understand the need for a
flash to photograph the 'Asteroids'.


Thank you for your help in setting up our D70s to work with an older
Zeiss retinal camera that previously used a Nikon F3.

You might be able to fool some of the astronomers this shows the many
spots that one can often see..


John Konkal MD FRCSC 

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