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Astronomer Alert!

Sent:	Wednesday, March 5, 2003 9:55:03
From:	drclay@arksky.org (Clay Sherrod)
A little humor to brighten every astronomer's day....
[hehehehe - from the U.S. Forest Service....read carefully !!]

"Message: 1
   Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 08:41:10 -0800 (PST)
   From: Gordon Bond 

Subject: Astronomer Alert!

Since many of us go out in the wilderness to view. And spring is right
around the corner. I thought you all would like to know about an
information bulletin issued through cooperation between the USFS and the
Canadian Authorities.

It is an information bulletin on bear attacks. We've been getting too
many. So they have suggested we wear little bells to let the bears know
we're coming. Also to take pepper spray. Now the black bears are more
docile than the grizzlies. It is a good idea to know which bear, if any
is in your area. The easiest way to tell this is through the waste they
leave. The black bears usually have little berries, insects, and such in
their waste. The grizzly waste has little bells, and smells of pepper. "

Dr. P. Clay Sherrod
Arkansas Sky Observatory
MPC/cbat Obs. H43 / Conway
MPC/cbat Obs. H41 / Petit Jean Mountain

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