Last updated: 11 August 2002

Careful Where You Point That Thing!

Subject:	One for the "Just for fun" Page
Sent:	Saturday, August 10, 2002 17:10:40
From:	jt_smithuk@btinternet.com (John Smith)
A couple of weeks ago we had a really good night for observing here in
the UK. It was about 3 am and I was having a lot of "fun" with my ETX
125-EC when there was this bloody great knock on the garden gate and a
gruff voice telling me to "Open up sonny!!!"  It was the local
police!!!!!!!!!!!!  Some silly old woman had seen the glow from my red
light in the observatory and also had seen the scope, she had phoned the
police as I "must be spying on HER!!!!",  at  3 am in the morning
missus?!!,  through her "frosted glass" and "curtained" toilet
window!!!!!!!!!  After a cup of tea, look through the scope at M57 and
eyeballing the video recorder and tv I use for OSETI they went blithly
on their way and told me not worry about her.  Ho Hum........

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