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Site Emails

When I first put this ETX site online in September 1996, almost immediately I began receiving electronic mail messages from other ETX users and potential ETX buyers. They wanted to share their ETX experiences as well or learn more about the ETX to help them make their purchasing decision. Since then I have been archiving this ETX related email into a database. If you are curious (like me) as to how much email I have received in the past 6 years and how many emails I get and respond to each day, this page is for you.

I have received nearly 42,000 email messages related to this Site or the ETX/DS models from September 1996 through the end of 2004! This does not include my daily dose of LXD55 email, which totaled nearly 27,000 messages since mid-October 2002 through the end of 2004!

The following chart shows the ETX counts per day for every day from September 1996 through the end of 2003. Note the spikes around Christmas time. I have not added in the LXD55 related email.

Email Count chart

As you can see, the volume has gone up significantly since the beginning and that daily I am now receiving a lot of messages on the ETX, DS, and Autostar models. Of course, not all messages get posted to the Site. And this count does not include all the email I receive and write on other topics.

So, if I don't get back to you right away, I hope you'll understand.

By the way, the gap starting on 1/01/2000 was due to a Y2K problem with my email software! It was resolved a few days later.

In December 2003 I switched from using Claris Emailer (in Classic Mac OS) to the new AOL Communicator, and in the Spring of 2004 I switched to AOL's IMAP service using Apple's Mail application. Unfortunately, AOL Communicator, while it runs in the modern Mac OS X, was a major step backwards in that it did not provide Applescript capabilities. As a result, I decided to end my monthly reports of email usage. I will continue to post the following chart showing overall Site usage (generated by Webalizer Version 1.30). Below is a 12 month Site usage graph through January 2009.

Usage summary for www.weasner.com

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