Last updated: 16 May 2004

The Mighty ETX, and its big brothers

Sent:	Friday, May 14, 2004 08:19:49
From:	"Niall Saunders" (niall@njs101.com)
Weather here still dreadful - in fact I only just managed to get these
pictures before the rain started yet again.

It's not every day you find yourself owning THREE of Meade's finest, and
you next-door neighbour owning a fourth. And it is not everyday
(yourself excepted, naturally) that you find some 5000-worth (about
$8000 in terms of UK prices) of Meade telescopes in your front garden.

The front views show, left to right:-
My neighbour's LXD55 8" SCT
My newest acquisition, an LX90 8" SCT
My 'old favourite', the ETX-125 5" MET
My 'original' ETX-105, 4" MCT





I have just sold the ETX-125 (am packing it right now), and may yet end up keeping the ETX-105. Now that I have stripped and rebuilt it, the 105 is performing like a dream. I am almost 'glad' that it had a broken end-stop on the RA axis - it encouraged me to 'get inside' its inner workings, and now it is effectively 'supercharged' giving me 'spot-on' performances. So, all I need is a break in the clouds to let me see Comet 2004 T1 NEAT somewhere in the vicinity of M44 over the next few days, and I will be a happy man. Thanks for the encouragement your site gave me to get inside the 105, to fix it, and to have the confidence to keep on playing with the Meade range. And thanks to Luigi Papagno (f1cameras.com) for his continued support from the other side of the retail fence. Cheers, Niall

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