Last updated: 13 July 2004

3nd Annual Mighty ETX Star Party

The Third Mighty ETX Star Party was held Saturday evening, 3 July, at the Wigwam Resort, Litchfield Park, near Phoenix, inconjunction with the annual Westercon Science Fiction Convention. Also, on Saturday night there was a stargazing program as part of the WesterCon. It was conducted by Stargazing for Everyone. It was well attended.

Thanks to Oceanside Photo and Telescope for the Meade Super Plossl 4000 18mm SWA door prize and thanks to Meade Instruments for the ETX-90AT (Autostar and #884 tripod) with UHTC door prize! Congrats to the two lucky winners (both ETX users). For those who missed attending, I'm sure the lucky winners appreciated your absence, thereby increasing the odds of winning!

And thanks to Tony and Carole La Conte of Stargazing for Everyone and the Westercon committee for their assistance.

The weather was warm (81F at midnight) but the sky was clear and dark. The Moon did not rise until late in the night and was very low on the horizon. There were many telescopes of various sizes set up for the Stargazing for Everyone program item. These afforded both the star party and convention attendees many excellent views. Several people commented on the outstanding views through the ETX models that attendees had brought. Here was my ETX-90RA setup:


Unfortunately, I neglected to take photos of the other telescopes that were set up.

Previous Mighty ETX Star Parties

First Mighty ETX Star Party held in Southern California, September 2001.
Second Mighty ETX Star Party held in Illinois, October 2002 .

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