Last updated: 12 June 2004

Image: ETX License Plate Frame

Gratuitous Advertising

Well, maybe this isn't really gratuitous since I'm advertising my own site. But I do hope it brings even more visitors here and then into the ETX User Community.

If you came to this ETX web site as a result of seeing this license plate frame (only in California for now), drop me a note.

If you have an ETX related "personalized" license plate, send me a photo to post here.

Subject:	 Worlds coolest number plate ?
Sent:	Friday, January 5, 2001 00:32:34
From:	mwulff@powerup.com.au (mwulff)
Mike , firstly let me thank you for a fantastic site. I've owned my 90 ec
now for about ten months and I've come to rely on you on tips and
information , please keep up the good work as there are bugger all
ETX-90 users down-under that I know of. Which could be due to the cost
of importation and the sinking Aussie dollar. Basically I have to
multiply US cost by 2.5 to come up with Australian figure. Bloody
expensive hobby mate. I too have suffered slippage problems with my 883
Tripod but the Meade dealer in Sydney has never heard of a fix it kit ,
could you please help me with this Mike as I dont want my little beauty
to go crashing to the ground. Finally my Wife gave me a cool Xmas
present.New Queensland number plate , this must be the worlds best  ?
and mine. 
Mike Wulff  Brisbane Australia.

Subject:	ETX Vanity
Sent:	Friday, June 11, 2004 14:18:26
From:	The Blaisdells (blaisdell25@charter.net)
Well it had to happen. After years of looking at other peoples vanities
hanging off their bumpers, my time had come. Living in the Adirondack
(ADK) Mountains and its clear starry (STARS) skies prompted me to boast
of MY passion and the Telescope of choice. FYI, Resident is just a fancy
way of saying "backyard". My wife wouldn't let me do ANYTHING to the
family car just my Chevy Tracker. Oh , by the way, the family car is a
"Pleiades Forrester". Rick Blaisdell (age 57 going on 19).
ETX license

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