Last updated: 18 June 2003

The Mighty Romantic ETX

Sent:	Monday, June 16, 2003 13:32:20
From:	djdavenport@earthlink.net (Donald Davenport)
I got married a few days ago and for the reception dinner, which was
held at my house, I set up the ETX-90 and parked it on Albireo.  Also
printed up a little handout about binary stars and the colors to look
for, the graceful stellar dance, etc.  Yes, the copy was admittedly

Well, all evening people traipsed out into the yard to take a look and
returned, pretty thoroughly charmed.   (Of course, it could have been
the champagne...)

Suffice it to say that not every application of the Mighty ETX need be
for the pursuit of science.  A little romance never hurt anyone.

Don Davenport 

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