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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. You will also find astrophotography examples on the Helpful Information - Astrophotography page. [31 Mar 04]
NGC 2903

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Attached 2 deepskies. NGC 2903. Quit a faint one, but nice galaxy. Second star on the left is magnitude 15. And M87 more scientific than beautiful, but therefore nice. I managed to get a glimp of the M87 jetstream with my ETX90! You can also see two very faint galaxies. UGC 7652 magnitude 16.5 and MAC 1230+1221 magnitude unknown. Hope you don't compress the picture too much because of the little jet. ETX is outside now for taking double stars, but I am too tired so I am gonna watch an old Star Trek now and put the ETX in the house :-)
Job Geheniau
The Nethertlands [28 Mar 04]
NGC4565 M81
2 other nice deepskies. Took me 5 hours the picture to get this final image. Thanks for posting.
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands [25 Mar 04]
I really can advise everybody to do the eprom update I send you last time for the webcams. Less noise and sharper pictures!
I am not a scientific astrophotographer, so I added 2 lensflares on M82 . I like it and I hope it is not a problem within the amateur astronomy.
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands (strange weather here, sometimes clear sometimes clouds...thats really frustrating:-))
Greg Nolan ( [19 Mar 04]
Here is my second attempt at M42. It will be my last for awhile. The Right Ascension lock on the base of the autostar snapped when setting up for these shots :( I wasn't tightening that much (or so I thought). Anyway. This is a stack of 2 images (15 sec and 2 min) taken with a coolpix 4500 and 32mmSP (ETX-105). I hope you will consider posting on the guest gallery.
Update: A replacement for the lever from Meade is on its way. I shouldn't be down too long.
I look forward to sending some better pics in the future. Just getting started, I have noticed some problems with tracking and thought I may not be getting the alignment right. However, being that the problem is exclusively side to side, I am planning to play with a siderial setting to improve the problem. I don't have the manual in front of me, but I assume there is an adjustable parameter for that?
Mike here: I would suggest redoing the TRAIN DRIVES (both axes) to see if that solves it. If not, go a RESET, CALIBRATE, and TRAIN DRIVES. [19 Mar 04]
M3 M64
Long time no clear sky. Last night we had one with not so good transparency. Here attached 2 deepsky ETX90 exposures for your deepsky gallery. Info is on the photo.
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands [15 Mar 04]
Although not difficult to see, it's difficult to get more out of it wit the ETX. Can't get the spiral arms, but still a nice Messier object.
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands
Kacper Wierzchos ( [29 Feb 04]
M81 M82
Im sending a M81 & M82 image for your guest deep sky astrophotography gallery. The two galaxies are in the same field because I made a special focal reducer, not using the finderscope lens, Its another modification. 61 exposures of 20 seconds each. ETX-90 and Philips TouCam SC. [23 Feb 04]


Messier 63 and Messier 108 done with the amazing ETX90. Job Geheniau
The Netherlands [20 Feb 04]
A little bit proud I give you:
M51 done with ETX90. The ETX is not really good at galaxies. Very difficult. I think this is the most I can get out of it in the centre of my city. I can tell you it was a hell of a job to get it this way. Hope you will place it on the Guest astrophotography deepsky page.
Paul ( [20 Feb 04]
Little Beehive
I am still really enjoying my new ETX90EC with UHTC, Autostar, and 884 Tripod. It is a revelation compared to my 90RA! And I am including a pic of the Little Beehive Star Cluster M41 for your guest astro pages too. Taken with my Canon G3 as usual.
I have more shots with my new scope at my photo gallery. It can be found here: [16 Feb 04]



Long time nothing heard from me :-)
You must know that the weather in Europe is AWFULL. No clear skies for weeks! Yesterday 1 clear night, guess who was outside....
Attached the results for the guest deepsky (difficult objects to get with the ETX but a nice challange) Seeing was bad, getting Jupiter focussed was not possible!
Thanks and clear skies to all of us!
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands [28 Jan 04]
I caught a second clear night during 4 weeks of bad weather in Southern Germany. Besides enjoying M42 - it's a giagantic view every time again - I tried my first New General Catalogue object: NGC 2392 'Eskimo Nebel' as we call it in Germany; you know it as 'Clown Face nebula' in the United States. A relatively bright (9m.2) but small (15"x19") planetary nebula with a bright central star (10m.5) in constellation 'Gemini'. In a binocular you see a 'double star', but in your telescope the weaker one of the two 'stars' becomes nubulous.
Dieter Wolf (Munich, Germany); 2004-01-23
MEADE ETX-70AT (70/350mm) with Philips ToUCam SC1 at prime focus; 60x4s exposures; south up, east left
Not really an object for the ETX-70 as it needs much more than 50...60x magnification. I will try it some day with the ETX-125 to see if there is something to resolve within the nebula.
Thanks for your site and work, Mike [28 Jan 04]
This is my best one of the Eskimo. Also of this year till now.....
Kacper Wierzchos ( [8 Jan 04]
Im sending a image for your guest deeps sky gallery of the open cluster m39. Etx-90 TouCam Pro 740k SC. 43 exposures of 20 sec. each. The image was taken with 87% of moon. The field is the widdest field that a etx-90 can make because, I used a Mogg reducer plus an special webcam reducer and i put into the adapter. (the special webcam reducer isnt the finderscope lens). I know that the field ist the widdest that etx90 can do because when the image is focussed, the focus is in the limit to the right.
Dave Hahne ( [4 Jan 04]
Another example of what is possible with a modified web cam and an ETX-70. I am confident that this is NOT the best that can be achieved with this telescope. [4 Jan 04]
NGC 2261
NGC 2261 deep sky Bright Nebula
Job Geheniau
The Netherlands
By The Way: Bad Seeing and bad transparancy this night.

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