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Many ETX users have sent examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site.

KIRAN chakravarti ( [30 Jun 04]
This photograph of the moon was taken with a CAMEDIA D-900 Digital Camera using the afocal photography method. The magnification was 48x using a Meade ETX 90-EC tracking at the lunar website. I have begun designing a website which will have more photographs on it soon the web adress for it is . My email adress is
P.S. Your website is great!
James Jefferson-Wilson James ( [30 Jun 04]
Please find enclosed Moon at First Quarter, taken with Meade 32mm Eyepiece.
Keep up the good work !
Another good night last night !!!!! . Could you please submit for gallery.
nvogho1 ( [24 Jun 04]
This is a picture of the Moon I took tonight with my ETX-90 and Canon A60 digital camera. I also used a 40mm eyepiece. I hope you like it.
Lou ( [24 Jun 04]
My first moon shot with a Meade ETX-90 telescope. Not as sharp as I saw. I used the Canon right angle viewer to place the scope at a better angle for my aching back. I may try tonight without it. I have no trouble focusing when looking at terrestrial objects with the finder on a regular Canon lens. I had a minor problem screwing the Meade camera adapter on to the scope. Possible bad threads on the adapter?
In Sky & Telescope and Night Sky, I see mention of a projection setup for photo work. What are these?
Mike here: Nice first shot. The threads may or may not have a problem; check for a small burr or debris. As to eyepiece projection, see the Accessory Reviews - Astrophotography page; there is a review of the Meade Basic Camera Adapter, which does this.
I took another series of photos of the moon last night. This is the best one.
I found a number of methods for counter balancing the scope. Since I am not very handy with metalworking, does anyone sell these systems?
Mike here: I don't recall seeing any counterweight systems specifically for the ETX line with the exception of the Scopetronix piggyback mount that doubles as a counterweight.
mark mathosian ( [20 Jun 04]
This moon shot one was taken on June 9, 2004, the morning after the Venus/Sun transit. I shot it with my ETX90 and 32mm lens.
here is another from June 9, 2004 that I think came out nice.
Ralph Partipilo ( [8 Jun 04]
These 2 Pictures Were Taken Thursday, May 27, 2004,11:30PM With a E T X 125 ec. Philips ToUcam Pro 2 Web cam both photos Using 2x Barlow Then Stacked With Registax 2.
Moon Moon
Ralph Partipilo ( [31 May 04]
These 2 Pictures Were Taken Thursday, May 27, 2004, 10:22:42 PM With aE T X 125 ec. Philips ToUcam Pro 2 Web cam. 1st Photo Using 2x barlow Then Stacked With Registax 2.
Moon Moon
Igor Stojic ( [31 May 04]
This is another shot of the moon. I wish if people can send me some photos of deep sky maked with etx-70 just to see how far we can go with etx-70. Thank You . Location: Zrenjanin, Serbia and Montenegro
Martin Lewicki ( [27 May 04]
Another digital moon pic you might like to add to the astrophotography department :)
Waxing 6 day crescent Moon, south-east region. 26 May 2004. ETX90EC with 26mm Plossl (48x), afocal. Vivitar 3930 Vivicam at 3MP. Set at 3x zoom (opt), spot metered. Auto exposure at ISO 100, 1/30sec f4.5 (aperture priority). Image copped and enlarged, adjusted levels, sharpened and horizontally flipped.
Zero Cool ( [27 May 04]
Here i'm for the first time i hope not the last. I just want to say MIKE RULES !!! . Here it is, one of my first shots of the MOON .
Telescope: ETX-70
Eyepiece: 25mm with 2x Barlow
Camera: Canon digital ixus 400 exp: -2
Location: Zrenjanin, Srbija (Serbia and Montenegro)
Time: 11:31 PM
Thanks Mike for this helpful site.
Clear Skies and hope that You like my photo
Moon [8 May 04]
here in Southern Germany - as in most areas of Germany (and I think a great part of Europe) nothing could be seen of the total eclipse of the moon. But a few days before I was able to take a nice shot of maybe the best known formation on the moon.
Dieter Wolf (Munich, Germany); 2004-04-29; MEADE ETX-125EC with 2x barlow lense and PHILIPS ToUCam pro at prime focus (only 12 good frames out of 300)
Crater Copernicus, a 'young' (which means about 800 million years old) impact crater (93 km in diameter) with three - up to 1200m high - central mountains. Have a look at the walls, terraces and the area around the crater and look - with your naked eyes - to the full moon and watch the system of bright radiated rays starting at this crater. Wow - that gives you a feeling of the power the impact must have had. The smallest resolvable craters on that picture have about 3 km in diameter, which is quite close to what is possible with this equipment.
Moon [30 Apr 04]
The famous and of course many times photographed 'Clavius' formation. This shot shows craters down to 4km in size which astonished me as the air was not at all stable. But in a 500 frames avi I found about 50 good frames for stacking.
Dieter Wolf (Munich, Germany); 2004-04-29 22:15 CEST (20:15 UTC); MEADE ETX-125EC and PHILIPS ToUCam pro at prime focus
"John Hobbs" ( [30 Apr 04]
This is my first ever astrophotography attempt. picture taken on April 26th 2004 from Seguin Texas (San Antonio). Meade ETX 90-Nikon 4500- 40mm ep-auto focus
"ROBERT Derouin" ( [25 Apr 04]
Here's a Moonshot....taken with my Meade 125etx,Nikon Coolpix 4300 digital camera(no optical zoom used),a40mm Scopetronix plossl ocular,Nikon EUH-1 electronic cable release,and Digi-T camera adapter.Magnification with the 40mm ocular was around 48x and the exposure was 1/60th sec @f/2.8. I hope you can use this image on your website!!Thanks again Mike,and keep up the great work!!!
another Moon photo...if you have the room to use this one and the smaller version I sent earlier,the only difference here is that the 3x optical zoom of the camera was used!The 40mm plossl gives around 48x.(Does the 3x camera make the photo a 144x???)Both lunar images were taken Saturday evening April 24,2004 from Johnston,RI. Thanks again,Mike!!
Moon [14 Apr 04]
I browse your website constantly and I always learn something new. Thought I might share this photo with you -- sorry I didn't get a chance to compress the file.
Details: Photo taken on Saturday March 6 2004 at 8:00 p.m. from Spring Valley, CA. Meade ETX 125 UHTC in Alt Azimuth alignment, eyepiece projection using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 w/ Scopetronix Digi-tee adapter, 40mm super plossl eyepiece (47.5x) & Meade variable polarizing filter. Manual exposure using electronic cable release, focus set to "infinity", 1/15 exposure at f/2.9, ISO 200, resolution set to "fine", Tone Composition set to "Contrast +", sharpening set to "high". Think that's about it. The picture was flipped horizontally to correct the orientation in Adobe Photoshop. I don't believe I did any further processing of the image. I thought the detail on the limb was interesting -- the moon was still about one day from full.
Paul Campbell ( [11 Apr 04]
Moon photo's are 30 sec. avi's @1/125 sec. I have a meade etx 125 anda sac7 camera that I use in polar mode. I clean the photo's up with registax.
David H Harris ( [4 Apr 04]
I think your site is great and it inspired me to purchase an EXT 125EC Feb 2004. It is such a little versatile telescope with brilliant optics and I have just ordered the LP1 to complete a really good system. I hope that I will be able to remotely control the EXT from within my house with the facilities that come with the LP1. This photo is my first shot taken with a Philips ToUcam 720, taken with auto switched on at 5 frames/sec. I used RegStack to produce the first image and tweaked it using Adobe Photoshop Deluxe. I live just south west of London England with a polluted night sky from a senior school and London, this shows just how good the optics are on the EXT with no filters. I hope I can produce more photos of Jupiter once I get my LP1.
Paul Campbell ( [4 Apr 04]
here are some Moon photos, all are avi's 30 sec photos at 1/125 of a sec.
Moon Moon Moon
James Jefferson-Wilson James ( [4 Apr 04]
Could you please consider for your lunar gallery. All details on Picture.

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