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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site.

victor bertol ( [8 June 04]
i send you 2 photo of venus transit fron madrid it makes wiht a etx 90 and nikon 995 ten minutes a ago
Venus Transit Venus Transit
Dave Adriance ( [8 June 04]
Thought I would get this to you in time for your breakfast! Image of Venus transiting the sun, taken at 12:00 noon in Nairobi, Kenya with an Olympus D-390, ETX-125, JBM solar filter and a 26mm EP. It's the rainy season here, so we have had only fleeting moments of clear sky, but even that is something to be grateful for... One additional observation: the Sun was strangely almost devoid of sunspots during the transit - only saw one small one. Not sure if this is unusual or not...?
Venus Transit ( [8 June 04]
One of many photos of transition to-day  Site -England County of Kent ETX 90 Minolta F100 camera & a sackfull of batteries.
Venus Transit
Yoshi-K ( [8 June 04]
There was a "Transit of Venus" in Japan. A photograph is sent.
more... Transit of Venus link.
ETX-105EC and QV-3500EX Full size.
ETX-105EC and IXY DIGITAL 450 Full size.
Venus Transit Venus Transit
Kevin Howard ( [8 June 04]
Attached is a picture of the Venus transit taken from Malvern, Worcestershire, UK at 0641 local time. Telescope is a ETX-105, taken using a Kodak Easyshare CX6200 digital camera over the eyepiece (Meade 32mm Super Plossl) and BC&F Solar Filter. I hope to make up a montage of pictures soon. Thanks for the daytime alignment tip (blind acceptance of star positions followed by the use of the Sync technique) which resulted in the scope holding sync for over 5 hours until the batteries died :(
Venus Transit
The Blaisdells ( [8 June 04]
The Transit of Venus June 8,2004 from Au Sable Forks,NY With the cloud cover finally lifting and my telescope properly filtered, I was able to snap these pictures of the Transit of Venus accross the Sun. The last time this was visable from Earth was 122 years ago. This was truely a once in more than a lifetime event. The last picture shows an unusual phenomonem where the shadow of Venus stretches at the Sun's edge.My el-cheapo digital camera a hewlett Packard HP-215 really came through. ETX 125-EC with a BC&F solar filter, Meade 40mm series 4000 super plossel
Venus Transit
Venus Transit
Venus Transit
Venus Transit
Venus Transit
Venus Transit

Martin Sidgreaves ( [8 June 04]
Managed to get the first half of the transit this morning before the weather came in. I have attached a small animated gif of the transit. You can find more stills of it at my website
Venus Transit
One still frame from this morning......
Venus Transit
Jim Beston ( [8 June 04]
Got up at 04:30Universal Time (BST -1hr)to get ready for this once in a lifetime experience. Took 81 images with the Meade LPI using the Meade Solar Filter over some 6 hours. The attached composite (I didn't think you'd want to recieve the whole 81) show (fairly close to the stated times), from top left and going clockwise, 1st contact 05:20:40, 2nd. contact at 05:39:55, 3rd contact at 11:04:01, 4th contact at 11:23:10 and finally a "mid-way" view in the middle.
Calculations (courtesy of University of Central Lancashire give a best value for the AU, based on my observations,of 141,000,000 km compared to the accepted value of 150,000,000 km, which I am quite please with.
I'm not sure why the sun changed colour from orange to pink - must have been the heat! -Here in Kent it was the hottest day of the year so far I measured 29C
Venus Transit
john SCRIVEN ( [8 June 04]
Thought you might like to add these to your guest astrophotography site area. Hand held Minolta X20 digital camera, ETX-125 with BC&F full aperture solar filter, 40mm Meade 4000 SP eyepiece. Warrington, England
Venus Transit Venus Transit
Frank Michelangeli ( [8 June 04]
Love your site! attached is the transit of venus, about 45minutes from the beginning. It was taken in the UK (Birmingham) with ETX 70, phillips Toucam pro and solar filter. It was a fantastic sight. Probably won't be aroud for the next one in the UK!! all the best
Venus Transit
Paul Davies ( [8 June 04]
I though you might be interested in the attached pic of the Transit of Venus this morning. It was taken with my ETX-125 and a ToUcam pro 2, fitted with a .6x focal reducer. The 2 spots almost directly above the disk of Venus are a pair of Sun Spots.
Venus Transit
Tony Hatwood ( [8 June 04]
Had to have the day off work to catch this once in a life time event! The images were taken with a Fuji FinePix2600Z mounted over a Paul Rinni 40mm eye piece, on an ETX 125. All images are single exposures with no post processing. Location: South Wales, UK
Venus Transit ( [8 June 04]
here are two shots from a 6 hour avi file (5FPS in K3 CCD, stacked in parts (after segmenting in Sony Vegas), into a slew of 10 minute clips. ETX90AC, modified home made polar mount, BCF solar filter, Toucam Pro 2. The modified polar mount stopped the ETX from randomly slewing off when it felt like it (thanks for your tip)
Location WIltshire UK: First Contact 6.18 : Last Contact 12:21 (Local GMT+1)
Thanks again for the ETX tips.
Venus Transit Venus Transit
Matt Greenwood ( [8 June 04]
I'm sending you two of my better pictures of this mornings transit of Venus to add to your probably already massive amount received!! These pictures were take from the Sherwood Observatory in Nottinghamshire, England using an ETX-105 with a Vixen 8-24mm zoom set at 24mm and a Sony DSC-P32 Cybershot camera held to the eyepiece. The telescope was fitted with a BC&F screw in type solar filter. Although we were clouded over during first contact and just saw second contact mostly through clouds, we had a nice view of third and fourth contact and clear skies for most of the morning.
Many thanks and keep up the good work.
Venus Transit Venus Transit
Culpan, Gary [8 June 04]
Here's my effort at photographing the transit of Venus across the Sun this morning. It was taken at 9:20am in my back garden using a Meade ETX 125 telescope, 26mm eyepiece and using a projected image onto a piece of card. The image doesn't really do it justice as I was trying to hold the card in one hand and take the piccie with the other hand. Not brilliant I know but further demonstrates the portability of the scope in that I had photos taken within 2 minutes of taking the scope out into the garden. Manchester, UK
Mike here: Did you damage your ETX or eyepieces? Solar Projection with the ETX line is NOT recommended due to the high probability of damaging something from the heat buildup inside the OTA.
Venus Transit Venus Transit
blue thread ( [8 June 04]
I am sure you have plenty of these by now but here is another couple pics of the transit of Venus across the sun in case you want to put them on your guest photo site. The pics were taken with a canon Powershot A200 digital camera hand held over the eyepiece of a Meade ETX-90 with 1000oaks solar filter, in my backyard at approx. 6:15 am. Picture 5 shows the teardrop effect as Venus approached the limb of the sun. Two very small sunspots in the middle of the sun are not visible in these pictures however. No digital enhancement other than cropping and resizing were done to the pictures.
Camera settings :
Picture 5 Canon Powershot A200 1/125 sec. F/2.8 focal length 5mm 0 exposure compensation 6/8/2004 6:16 am
Picture 9 Canon Powershot A200 1/30 sec. F/2.8 focal length 5mm 0 exposure compensation 6/8/2004 5:56 am
Thank your for your great site which has helped many people and saved countless hours of frustration for us amateurs !!
Venus Transit Venus Transit
Richard Plowman ( [8 June 04]
I expect the email has been busy with pics from the transit of Venus. We had such a glorious day here in the UK and I set up the ETX90 with a Kendricks solar filter ( thanks for the earlier advice) and took single images ( 90% quality)using the LPI imager. What was great was watching the whole transit on the PC screen. I also set up the small 50mm refractor as a projection image and there is a single whole sun picture from this. There is one image with the remains of vapour trail across the sun whichhasa moody charm I think. Chichester
Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit
Jack Vandam ( [8 June 04]
I was browsing your site and thought I would send you a picture of today's Venus transit, taken with an ETX-90RA and Vesta Pro webcam. Seeing was very good so it was an easy task to pick 50 of the best frames for stacking.
Enjoy the image
Venus Transit
divenuts ( [8 June 04]
As many of you may have read or heard about, we had Venus transiting across the face of the Sun for the first time in 122 years. Jeanne and I went out to the Sunshine Skyway Bridgethis morning at sunrise and I took these photos. I hope you enjoy looking at them at much as I had taking them. I reduced the size to make downloading easier, but they may be a little slow for those of you with a dial-up connection.I used aMeade ETX-125 telescope taken afocally with a 26mm eyepiece and a Scopetronix full aperature solar filter and Nikon CP995 camera with 2x optical zoom.
Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit Venus Transit

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