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Many ETX users have sent examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site.

Submitted by: [28 Jul 05]
ETX 125, Nikon 4300 Camera. Single shots (very pleased with these).
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Submitted by: Bensi Marco ((DD LAZ)) ( [25 Jul 05]
I take this photo 07-17-05 with My Equipment ETX 90EC-UHTC + BarloW + Focal Reducer ATIK + LPI
Site - Latina 20 metrs/See/level - Italy (near Rome)


Submitted by: josh rhines ( [22 Jun 05]
I have finally been able to use my DSI Imager Pro because of horrible Massachusetts weather. This is the 6th and best a picture of the moon I took last night. It was taken on June 20 with an ETX-105 PE, Meade Lunar Filter and 5 pictures stacked and edited with Photoshop
Submitted by: Jonathan Venn ( [18 Jun 05]
This is my first attempt of astral photography, i have used the LPI attached to my 125 to take a series of pictures, which i then joined together in photoshop. Unfortunately i managed to miss two small sections. I also added a picture of jupiter that i took, with three of its moons. They are at the same magnification, so that jupiter and the moon are there actual angular distances in proportion to each other.
Also thanks for such an amazing site that has brought me into the world of astronomy and astrophotography
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Submitted by: chasiotis elias ( [7 Jun 05]
17 May 2005, 18:56 UT. Vallis Alpes in the middle. ETX 125, Atik 1c, 2X apo Barlow, IR cut filter, Registax, 405 frames.
17 May 2005, 18:36 UT. Archimedes, Autolycus, Mons Hadley, Rima Hadley. ETX 125, Atik 1c, 2X apo Barlow, IR cut filter, Registax, 157 frames.
Submitted by: Mark Oristano ( [4 Jun 05]
Submitted by: Chris Newsome ( [14 May 05]
Thought you might like to see the attached. It's six seperate images taken with an ETX-105 and the images were then stiched together in Photoshop V7
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Submitted by: Paul Campbell ( [10 May 05]
here are some Moon photos of the Montes Apennine range. All are avi's of 30sec. at 1/150 of a sec. I used a meade DS-114 on an alt/az mount and a sac 7 ccd camera to take these photos. They were taken at my home in Washington Pa.
Moon Moon Moon Moon Moon
Submitted by: [3 May 05]
please find attached two pictures of our 'neighbor in the sky'.
2005-04-15, 22:00 CEST, ETX-125AT with ToUCam pro at prime focus, 400 frames
Picture 1 shows Rima Ariadaeus, a long but only 7km broad rille close to Mare Tranquillitatis
Picture2 shows the crater triplet of Theophilus-Cyrillus-Catharina, all three about 100 km in diameter. Theophilus reveals 4 central mountains (1400 m high) and smaller hills inside, Cyrillus has three and Cyrillus A (17 km) and Catharina is a partially destroyed crater. Interesting how different these three craters appear.
Thanks for posting, Mike and clear skies to all of you,
Submitted by: ROBERT Derouin ( [3 May 05]
Here is a photo taken with the Meade LPI images,an ETX 125,and a new Toshiba laptop.The seeing was poor so no Barlow lens could be used!Taken from Johnston,RI. with slight processing with Microsoft Picture It! software.38 frames stacked. I hope you can use it on the website!Keep up the GREAT work!!
Submitted by: bryan smith ( [22 Apr 05]
Took this picture on 4/18/05 using an ETX-125 with the LPI and filter. Moon was at zenith plus clear conditions made it perfect.
Thanks. Great site by the way!
Submitted by: submitter [22 Apr 05]
I am so impressed with what the ETX-90 will do! I started doing moon shots for the first time on April 16th, and these were taken on April 18th! After only three days of experience, and with a rigged up Frankenstein of a camera, I got these results last night. Honestly, the camera is only patched together for testing with tape! I intend to build a better enclosure for it, but I might just get a better webcam with USB support and start over... but I have the bug now! I'll want to do more and more with my little ETX 90! Thanks for your site, it has really been a great help to me. The Webcam I was using: Logitech QuickCam VC with parallel port connection.
Moon Moon Moon Moon
Submitted by: ( [18 Apr 05]
been a while since I had the scope out. Here is a shot with my ETX 125 taken of Clavius...using a toucam pro...shot at 1/100 sec exp, 100% brightness, 25% gain. 15 sec exp at 30 f/sec and processed in Registax. No post enhancement. Great clear night...with moon near Zenith.
Submitted by: [11 Apr 05]
just made an exposure of a very nice moon with my ETX90

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