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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site.

Submitted by: [5 Dec 05]
please find attached a photo of a protuberance on the western solar limb. It was done on 2005-11-26, 12:50 CET with CORONADO P.S.T. and 25mm Ploessl on a standard tripod, photographed with PANASONIC Lumix DMC-FZ30 (single shot, ISO 400, f3.7, 1/6s, 420mm zoom)
Here in Germany it is a P.S.T. 'feaver' so I am wondering why not more people show H alpha photos on your great website.
Submitted by: Jean-Baptiste Feldmann ( [26 Nov 05]
I shot this image of nov 19,2005 with a Fuji E 500 (4 megapixel) digital camera, a full aperture solar filter and a Meade ETX-70 with a 12.5 mm eyepiece. This image was taken from Dijon, France. My website:
Congratulations for your excellent website!
Submitted by: ROBERT Derouin ( [18 Nov 05]
Another view (medium magnification) of the sunspot group of Nov 17,2005.A Meade 125etx and a full aperture glass solar filter in addition to a 25mm Orion Plossl ocular,Scopetronix adapter kit which secured my Nikon Coolpix 3400 to the eyepiece.I also used a Nikon electronic remote cable release.Microsoft Picture-It software was used.Image was taken from Johnston,RI.
ere's another,yet closer view of the sunspot group taken on the afternoon of Nov 17,2005.A 15mm Meade plossl ocular was used and a Scopetronix adapter kit was used to secure the Nikon 3400 digital camera to the ocular.Some image processing was used.I have Microsoft Picture-It software.
Attached is a full disk view of the Sun along with it's currently visible large sunspot group.I shot this image on the afternoon of Nov 17,2005.I used a Meade 125etx with 32mm Orion Plossl eyepiece,Scopetronix digital camera attachment kit,Nikon Coolpix 4300 (4 megapixel) digital camera,Orion full aperture solar filter,and Nikon electronic remote cable release. The image was taken from Johnston,RI. Hope you can use it in your image galleries!Thanks Mike!, Keep up the excellent work!!
Submitted by: Martin Lewicki ( [16 Sep 05]
Some digital images of sunspot region 798.
Camera: Vivtar 3930 digital
Scope: ETX90-EC
Eyepiece: 25mm Meade Plossl (48x)
Should also metion that I used a Baader solar fitler over the aperture of the scope.

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