ETX-125 vs Orion Short Tube 120
Last updated: 31 October 2003

Subject:	etx 125 vs Orion Shortube 120
Sent:	Thursday, October 30, 2003 17:03:41
From: (dan hester)
Thought your readers might enjoy the results of tonight's shootout
between my ETX 125 and my new Orion 120 short tube refractor:

I recently bought the Orion  because I assumed it would be great on deep
sky objects.  Well, here are the results after both were set up side by
side, cooled down for two hours and viewed with many of the same
eyepieces. Bear in mind that that the Orion is only a 600 mm scope
compared to the ETX's 1900.  You would think the deep-sky views through
the refractor would blow the socks off the ETX....But....

1. M13
Visible through the Orion, but not especially bright.  Pretty small,
some peppery look at the core.  25 mm Orion premium plossel.

Same eyepiece in the ETX 125.  About twice as bright.  Twice a large.
Twice as resolved.  More actual stars showed around the object than in
the Orion.

2. M22
Same results as above.

The list goes on and on.  I tried the new contrast filter made by Orion
with both scopes.  It did nothing except add a little contrast on the
moon.   The Orion would not take enough magnification to even view Mars.

The ETX was just reaching its prime at about 200x.    I tried a
Celestron 32mm,  Meade 26, Meade 15, Orion 10, the Orion simply could
not come close to giving me ANY  view comparable to the ETX.   It is
possible that the Orion has defective optics, but one thing is for
sure...the ETX 125 has very, very good optics.

Admittedly, I was a little surprised.  I knew the Meade was great on
Planets and the Moon.  But I didn't realize what a good deep-sky
telescope this is.  I have yet to see any friends scope that is a better
all-around performer.

Next time I let someone talk me into a refractor...I'll do what they
do....spend several thousand dollars for one that probably has
comparable optics to the ETX.  In the meantime, I'll calling Orion and
my local dealer to try to get my money back.  So far, The ETX 125 RULES.


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