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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site. (DUCHEMIN Yann) [31 Dec 02]
just my contribution to the opposition's pictures related to Saturn. This one was taken in France (not far from Rouen) with my ETX-90ec and a VestaPro webcam. Peace and clear skies for 2003 ! [22 Dec 02]
Saturne le 9 décembre 2002 Alain Bouchez France
Voici ma dernière image de saturne
Compositage de 150 images
Traitement sous PRISM 5, PSP, Picture it (Anssi Mntykivi) [15 Dec 02]
Here is a picture of Jupiter taken(14.12.2002) with my etx-70at. Plssl 6mm+2x-Barlow,Canon Powershot S30. Composite of 21jpeg images(K3ccd Tools)+ Photoshop 7.
Anssi Mntykivi

Mike here: I cropped the image some. [15 Dec 02]
Bonjour de la France, voici ma dernière image de Jupiter prise le 9 décembre à 4 heures du matin Compositage de 150 images, décomposition en 3 images R V B, ondelettes, réglage du contraste et de la luminosité, masque flou, assemblage des trois couleurs sous PRISM 5. Finition sous PSP. Alain Bouchez (Wade) [15 Dec 02]
Here is a photo I took of Saturn with my etx 90 tonight December 13th. The fog started to roll in during the Geminid meteor shower. Very hard to get a shot of those geminids but see what I can do... It was taken from my back yard with the 2xbarlow and 25mm lens. Some sharpening was done but that's all. The rings looked much better through the lens. You could clearly see the Cassini division. The equipment was the etx90 and an olympus D-510 digital camera. (Andre Marques) [15 Dec 02]
Hi my name is Andr and I'm 15 years old, I'm from Brazil i have a saturns photo, can u put it in your web site?? I used an ETX 105MM and a digital camera SONY Mavika, i didn't use any adptator.
Santos-SP Lat.2357.39S Long.4620.01 O (Julien Lecomte) [11 Dec 02]
Here is my latest picture of Saturn. I doubt I can do much better with such a small aperture. The seeing was excellent on December 8th 2002, at 1am. The telescope cooled down during four hours before the shot. I took more than 1000 RGB images, and then I stacked the 250 best pictures. A soft van cittert processing did a great job since the ratio signal/noise was very high. The image was finally reassembled to make a colored image, and the color balance was adjusted. You can see other pictures taken with my ETX 105 at
**** All my dates and times are (PST) unless specified **** [21 Nov 02]
ETX 125 équipé d'une caméra VESTA PRO Capture sous QCFOCUS Compositage de 160 images et masque flou sous PRISM 5 Retouches sous PSP Décomposition en images R G B Traitement de chaque couleur par ondelettes et assemblage sous PRISM 5 Finition sous PSP [06 Nov 02]
Saturne le 29 septembre 2002 ETX 125 prise par Alain Bouchez France (Julien Lecomte) [29 Oct 02]
Here is my latest picture of Saturn taken with the supercharged ETX 105. I hope I'll be able to do even better in mid December, with a flexible focuser and a few other tricks, when Saturn is at the opposition. (Wade) [18 Oct 02]
Jupiter moons

Jupiter moons

These photos are of Jupiter at 5:29 Am Utah time using the ETX90. What is particularly cool about this shot is that Ganymede and Io (two of the four moons of Jupiter) are so close as they are almost indistinguishable from each other. I just wish I had time to grab my wife's Cannon Rebel camera so I could have brought out the color in Jupiter but oh well...not enough time, such is the way of the Universe eh? (Instead took this one with my Olympus 510 digital camera set at 400 ISO at 1600x1200 resolution with a 25mm eyepiece set in a 2x barlow. No other photo editing was done other than cropping to size.) (Julien Lecomte) [4 Sep 02]
Hi, I recently purchased a MEADE ETX 105 EC and I think this telescope is wonderful (See the picture attached...). Note about the picture attached: Date: 09/02/2002 (Labor day) at 5am Telescope Meade ETX 105 EC Barlow 2x The pictures at the top are raw images. The bottom pictures are processed as explained below: Jupiter:100 raw images Saturne: 180 raw images + resampling (1.5x) + unsharp mask + tricolor assembling + unsharp mask Medium weather conditions. Saturn was close to the zenith, Jupiter was just above the horizon... I must be able to do better in a few months. (Julien Lecomte) [18 Aug 02]
Here is a picture of Saturn taken with my etx 105. The top image is a raw image of Saturn. The bottom image is a composite of 150 raw images + offset normalization + unsharp mask + tricolor assembling + a few adjustments.
MEADE ETX 105 - Barlow 2x - Webcam Philips TouCam PRO
Good weather conditions
Location: Milpitas - CA
Date: 08/12/2002 (bob greef) [3 Jul 02]
The planet Venus seems to be the only planetary show in town at the moment so I decided to have a try. I used a hand-held Nikon Coolpix 850 held to the 9 mm eyepiece and set for night portrait. Focusing was achieved using only the LCD screen at the back of the camera and the image was cropped from a very vignetted original. Photoshop LE was used to trim back the colour flare surrounding the sun-facing side of the planet. Hope you can find room for this, Bob Greef
Norwich England (a.hatwood) [11 Apr 02]
Saturn and Jupiter
These are my latest shots of Saturn and Jupiter. They were taken at around 9.00pm on 27/3/02. The seeing in South Wales was pretty good that night. I used a Quickcam Web at prime focus, and stacked the images with Astrostack. (Thor Fjell) [8 Apr 02]
Here is a pic I took of the moon using my ETX-90RA with a 9mm eyepiece and a Sony handheld digital camera. If you zoom in, you see pretty good detail for just holding the camera up to the lens! I sharpened it up just a bit with Adobe Photoshop. (Saber Properties Limited) [25 Mar 02]
Image taken with ETX-125 and Nikon Coolpix 995 on 10/3/02 at 1.15am from Hendon London UK, image taken suspended over 26mm Meade with 2X Barlow in full auto mode (Have not yet had time to get to experiment with manual exposures). (Rafael Pacheco) [25 Mar 02]
I have read some people asking how suitable was the ETX-70 for astrophotography. Attached are two photos of Jupiter taken some time ago with the ETX-70. It is possible to detect some detail in the surface, and is easy to see the Jupiter's rotation in about one hour. ETX-70AT + two 2x Barlows stacked + Philips ToUcam Pro. Processed with Astrostack and Paint Shop Pro.
Mike here: These photos demonstrate what can be done photographically, not what you will actually see when looking through the eyepiece of an ETX-70AT. (Yoshi-K) [22 Mar 02]
Hi, Weasner-san.
03/20/2002 Saturn Eclipce images.
Yoshikatsu Kida (Mikko Syrjasuo) [6 Mar 02]
I did not find many images of Jupiter taken through the "smaller" ETX-models, so here's my first shot of Jupiter (5 March 2002). The final image is pretty close what I've seen throught the ETX-70. The cloud belts are usually a bit sharper, though. Again, ETX-70 and afocal technique was used, but I used my digital camcorder this time (Meade 6.7mm UWA and 10x camcorder zoom). The leftmost image is a cropped raw frame. The middle one is an example of grayscale adjusted frames resampled to 200%. I used 104 images to get the final stacked image on the right . Yeah, it's not like some images in your site, but they're taken through ETX-90s or 125s instead of ETX-70 like this one. The difference in aperture is quite substantial. The digital video compression is quite similar to JPEG-compression, so it's not the best choice for astroimaging, but it's easy to transfer the data to computer. Anyway, the red and blue components are rather blocky, so I've used only the green component. Nevertheless, these very first results are so good that I'll continue with my experiments... (Peter Rosn) [28 Feb 02]
Jupiter Jupiter
As I got a cold last week, I decided to stay indoors and continue to observe through an open window. Here are some shots from last night 25 Feb 2001 from shortly before midnight till around 1.00 am this morning. Jupiter consists of 14 shots of 1/8" at 1600 Iso, and manualy composited in Photoshop. I then used this image of Jupiter and composited it in the picture of the moons where I replaced the overexposed planet. This is a 1" shot at 3200 Iso. (Mike Daniels) [22 Feb 02]
Saturn Occultation Saturn Occultation
I enjoy your site and am anxiously awaiting the delivery of your book! Attached are two images (in separate email messages as you request) I took last night (2/20) with a Sony DCS-F707 and an ETX-105EC. I used a Meade 40mm Super Plossl and the Scopetronix Digi-T adapter. I believe the exposure was 1/40th at F2.0 I enhanced the image in Photoshop Elements, adding brightness and sharpness. I hope this is useful for your archive. (James Jacobson) [22 Feb 02]
Here is an image of Jupiter I managed to capture on the 14th of Feb. You can see that the oval BA is almost directly on top of the GRS now. Also, the white spot on the right side of the planet is Europa. Taken with my DS-90. (Tom Gwilym) [19 Feb 02]
Jupiter Saturn
Here are a couple more images I took with my ETX 90. Quite an improvement over my first attempts! I'm slowly learning how to do this imaging stuff. [4 Feb 02]
Saturne Alain Bouchez France avec un ETX 125 ec

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