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Some ETX users have sent me examples of their astrophotography. If you have some examples you would like included here please send me a description of how you made the astrophotos and a copy of the images as GIF or JPEG files (due to internet email gateway issues, please send only one image file per message). Send to etx@me.com. Alternatively, if you have created your own web page with your examples please let me know and I'll include a link to your site.

stankiewiczr@home.com (Rick Stankiewicz) [30 Dec 00]
Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse Image: Solar Eclipse
I thought you may like to see (and post) the my shots of "the partial" from Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. They were all shot using an ETX and a Canon Ftb at prime focus. A Thousand Oaks 2+ filter was used with 200 ASA print film at 1/125 exposure. The attached sequence shows a sampling of the whole series from the 11:00 a.m start to the 2:11 p.m. finish and the 12:36 p.m. peak. Enjoy!
stover@on-ramp.net (The Stover's) [30 Dec 00]
Image: Solar Eclipse
25 Dec 00. ETX90EC, polar mounted, eyepiece projection Meade 4000 40mm. Sony Mavica FD71 digital camera handheld using timer to take out some of the camera shake. 12:28 Eastern standard time maximum eclipse. Checkout the Yahoo club at http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/christmaseclipse2000 Vic Stover, Waldo, Ohio
carlbernhardt@hotmail.com (Carl Bernhardt) [28 Dec 00]
Image: Solar Eclipse
Here is a picture of the December 25 Partial Solar Eclipse. The picture is a little fuzzy, but considering that the picture was taken under very windy Southern California Santa Ana Wind conditions, it is about the best I could do. The picture was shot at prime focus using an ETX90 using Kodak elite 200 slide film with a 1/30 second exposure. The time is approximately 0830 PST. I used a sun filter.
wburgin@williamburgin.com (William Burgin) [28 Dec 00]
Image: Solar Eclipse
Image: Solar Eclipse
[Top] This photo was taken at 12:54 EST, 12/25/00 in Jamestown, RI (41.29N 71.22W). It was taken with an ETX 90 at prime focus, short barrel, with a Canon EOS D30 digital camera at 1/60.
[Bottom] This photo was taken around 12:55 EST, 12/25/00 in Jamestown, RI (41.29N 71.22W). It was taken with an ETX 90 with eyepiece projection using a 50mm? Paul Rini? eyepiece with a Canon Elura 2 digital video camera.
Gerald Wechselberger (gerald_wechselberger@at.ibm.com) [29 Mar 00]
Image: Solar Eclipse
I attach an example of last years solar eclipse pictures i made with my old ETX90 and an OLYMPUS OM1 Camera at the prime focus of the ETX. Location where we watched the event was on the border of East Austria in Hungary. All phases of the eclipse are available in highest resolution for printing Large Posters. If you want a picture with higher resolution and nice details i am ready to send. However for a first check the filesize is much to high!
Carl Dashman (dashmanc@idt.net)
Image: Solar Eclipse
These were taken from the deck of the Vistafjord in the Black Sea on 11 August 1999. One image is with a Minolta Maxxum 7000 attached to the back of my ETX (an older 90mm) using Kodak Gold 400 and the Meade ETX T-Adapter with the extension. I have NO idea what the final focal length is, but I cannnot bring it into focus without the extension! Settings, if you believe it, were automatic, but a cable release was attached. The other image is from a Minolta Maxxum 3si mounted on top of the ETX, with a Sigma 28-200 zoom lense and a Tamron 2x 7-element extender set to maximum (for 400mm), also with Kodak Gold 400 at automatic. Pictures were taken by pressing the timer release to attempt to minimize vibration. As a note, my Pelican cases protected my scope and cameras wonderfully. Hope you enjoy the photos.
Mario Roberto Carraro (mrc@keycomm.it)
Image: Solar Eclipse

Image: Solar Eclipse

Image: Solar Eclipse

I've just surfed in your site, dedicated to Etx. I send you some photo taken in Balaton lake during the last solar eclipse here in Europe (11 of Agoust). The photos were done with a focal lenght of nearly 1600mm, obtained with an extension from the prime focus. The film was an Agfa superia 200 asa and the exposure time were 1/2000, 1/500 and 1/2000. My e-mail address is mrc@keycomm.it. Please put a link to my home page, www.keycomm.it/users/mrc.
Bernard Allouche (b_allouche@yahoo.fr)
Image: Solar Eclipse

Image: Solar Eclipse

Two pictures taken between Compiegne and Beauvais, near Paris, 08/11/99 at 10h25 UTC :

*the first : no clouds, 100ASA, 1/60 sec, f/16, 1450mm ETX RA, scanned at 300 dpi and zoomed with PaintShopPro.

*the second: 800ASA, 70 mm Compact 24*26 hand held. Venus at the bottom.

Best regards and thanks for your site.

Bernard from France

Stefano Kustermann (md2526@mclink.it)
Image: Solar Eclipse
Here is a picture (retouched with the help of Paint Shop Pro 5) taken from Rome - Italy (84% of total eclipse maximum) on 1999 11th of August. It was my first eclipse and for this occasion I set my Meade ETX astro 90 mm. on a sturdy tripod. The telescope front lens was protected by a mylar filter + Pentax LX in prime focus position with release cable. The film I used was Fuji Provia 100 ASA and speed was 1/15th of second. My regret is not to have moved to the total eclipse area !!! I just began to build a page dedicated to astrophotography in my Home Page that you can reach at the URL www.geocities.com/HotSprings/8228/pien003b.html I could take that picture and have lots of fun just because I got many tips about practical astrophotography with an ETX on your Home Page! Good-bye and clear skies
Stefano Kustermann
Geordan Rosario (geordan@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU)
I trekked to Paris for the eclipse but, due to various bits of bad luck, I missed the path of totality by a mere 20 kilometers or so. Oh well. I did manage to snap some photos through the ETX.

http://www.wuut.net/~geordan/eclipse-pics.html for the images and a brief story of what happened.

I tried my hand at taking a photo of the last quarter moon; that can be seen at http://www.wuut.net/~geordan/images/sky/moon.jpg. I should probably crop that down a bit.

Kevin Sloan (KevinSloan@btinternet.com)
I have an ETX and I took it on my holiday/vacation to Northern France - nothing to do with the Eclipse of course - (That what I told my wife anyway). Luckily I caught totality between clouds. My first (sorry second) attempt at Astrophotograhpy - I don't think they are toooo baddd :-). I have compiled a web page from the results - I hope you dont disapprove too much of some of the adulterations that went on (I just about exhausted all of the options with PaintShop Pro on this one!). Some of the prints survived intact though!


Spencer R. Rackley IV (astronerd@freewwweb.com)
I've used an ETX on the Aug. 11th, 1999 eclipse and on the Feb. 28th, 1998 eclipse. In '98 I carried an ASTRO to Aruba and this year I carried an EC to France. Go to.....


and follow the links to the eclipse pages.

Bruno Najac (sfe@magic.fr)
Image: Solar Eclipse
Please find 2 pics of the 11 august 1999 solar eclipse. They were taken near Neufchatel en Braye, a little town in Normandy located on the centrality line. ETX RA - T64 adapter (only the short part) - Nikon F3 - Fuji 200. Left pic : 1/125 s. Right one 1/15 s.

Thanks for your great job - Bruno Najac - Paris

Andreas P. Spiering (heli.spi@t-online.de)
Image: Solar Eclipse
This pic was shot 08-11-99 during the solar eclipse in germany near nuremberg at 1035 h UTC.
telescope: ETX
camera : minolta x700
film : fuji 200 asa
ex.time : 1/15 s
mount : gemini 10
It shows 98% of eclipse.

greetings from germany

Andreas P. Spiering

Brigitte (vhottier@a2points.com)
Image: Solar Eclipse
Here is a picture my husband and I took during the solar eclipse of august 11th, in France. We used our ETX-90 and a Canon EOS 1000F camera, with a 100 ISO Kodak film. All the pictures we took are available from our web site, at the following address: http://www.a2points.com/homepage/8235722/eclipse.htm Thank you for all the information you provide on your site. It is of great help.
Dave Haigh (no1traumanurse@hotmail.com)
Image: Solar Eclipse

Image: Solar Eclipse

11 August 1999. Unfortunately here in lancashire we only got 90% and it was a bit windy so piccies not superb taken on ETX 90EC at prime focus with a Canon EOS1 exposure from 1/100 to 1.5 secs
Dan Hawrylkiw (dan.g.hawrylkiw@intel.com)
Image: Solar Eclipse

Image: Solar Eclipse

These Photos of the 2-26-1998 Solar Eclipse were taken between Guadaloupe and Montserrat Islands in the Caribbean. Originally, I planned to take the photos from the shore of Guadaloupe, but the island still had clouds on the leeward side where we had the chance to go ashore. I stayed aboard the Windjammer ship to sail to the centerline. Due to the ship's motion, I scrapped the equatorial mount, slower film, and placed the ETX optical tube directly on the camera tripod leaving the Alt and Az axes unlocked. All photos were shot hand holding the camera body and manually pointing the scope to counteract any motion. Both exposures unrecorded on Kodak PPF400

Top Image: Solar flare visible after second contact
Bottom Image: Mid totality showing middle corona

David Hough (DHOUGH@ncc.nsw.gov.au)
Image: Partial Solar Eclipse
ETX 40mm eyepiece projection taken with an olympus 1400 digital camera, the backup when my normal pentax K1000 didn't seem to be in focus. Taken about 18:25 AEST or 0825 UT on Feb 16 at Newcastle, Australia
Eric (eric.tinlot@temic.fr)
you'll find on my web site at


at the last item in the summary 'quelques travaux' or 'some jobs' in english, some picture of the last total solar eclipse of 26/2/98 in guadeloupe made with my ETX in prime focus on EKTAR 100 there is also a movie made with the pictures.

Raymond N. Sjaarda (rsja@pipeline.com)
Image: Solar Eclipse
Here are three different images of the eclipse taken from Aruba Feb 26, 1998. I did have some tracking errors with all of my equipment on my ETX despite polar aligning the scope the night before. There was no Dec drift but the scope could "not keep up" in RA.

Photos are as follows:
Solar prominences Kodak Royal Gold 400, Prime focus, 1/1000th sec
Solar corona 1/60 th sec
Diamond Ring (3rd contact) 1/60th sec

I also videotaped the eclipse with a handycam on the JMI piggyback mount

John Atkinson (jcamef@slip.net)
We just got back from the Caribbean--we were down there for the February 26, 1998 solar eclipse, and got some great photos through the prime focus of the ETX. Here's a sample:


I'm going to work these photos into a set of pages chronicling our cruise--when I get the time.

I love my ETX! :-)

Jeffrey Spidle (jspidle@us.ibm.com)
Image: Solar Eclipse
Here are some pictures that I took of the February 26, 1998 solar eclipse in Aruba with my ETX. The motor drive was so accurate that I didn't have to adjust the alignment for more than 2 hours. The first picture is just after "first contact" The second is of my self 10 minutes before totality, picture from my wife's olympus. The third is of me at totality, it was so dark that the navigational bouys started blinking. The 4th is of the begining of totality. The last is of the "diamond ring" effect. All of these images were taken with the ETX as pictured, except the ones of the ETX.
Luis Fernando Pertuz (lpertuz@guayacan.uninorte.edu.co)
Image: Solar Eclipse
February 26, 1998
Film: Kodak Gold ASA-400
Camera: Pentax "Asahi 100" 35mm semi-automatic
Mounting: ETX stuck on a tripod on a wing and a prayer
Exposures: complicated subject due to the camera's automatic (flawed when reading light off the ETX) exposures, although we forced it to user faster/slower shutter speeds. in general exposure times vary from 1/8th of a second (in smallest partial shot) to 1/500th in Bailey's Beads...

Check out the complete set of eclipse photos: www.uninorte.edu.co/~lpertuz/.

William Burgin (wburgin@wsii.com)
Image: Partial Solar Eclipse
Here is a photo of the Feb 26 eclipse taken with the ETX, 26mm eyepiece & Casio QV-10 digital camera in Newport, Rhode Island Lon 71.19W Lat 41.29N.

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