Last updated: 30 June 2008
Subject:	parallels or virtuals?
Sent:	Saturday, June 28, 2008 20:37:21
From:	richard seymour (
Which environment do you use when running Windows apps on your Mac?

Have you ever established serial communications to an Autostar
from that environment?
Were there any tricks required? (such as KeySpan's Serial Assistant)?

This is for further dealing with a Mac user whose Keyspan won't
change speeds under program control (Parallels, SerialClient
(( ))

Mike here: I use Parallels now (I used VirtualPC before I got an Intel-based MacBook Pro). Unfortunately, there is no Windows driver for my Keyspan USB-serial adapter. I asked Keyspan about it and they said my model was Mac only and there would never be a Windows driver for it. I was able to use it from VirtualPC on my older Macs since VPC handled the communication translation from the Mac side to the Windows side.

Which flavor of Keyspan do you have?
Sometimes it's possible to use the OEM chipset driver
instead of Keyspan's  (i had a USA-19HS lose its "personality"
memory, and revert to acting as the generic Texas Instrument chip.
So i downloaded the "demonstration driver" from the TI app notes
and developer's site, and it worked perfectly well as an Autostar-talker
(my watershed test ;-) )
Somewhere on the web (at a "fan" site) is a grid of Keyspan models
versus OEM chipset types.   That might lead to a Windows driver.

The Keyspan USA-19HS has -both- windows and Mac drivers available
for downloading from Keyspan.

have fun
Mike here: It is a Keyspan Model USA-28X Twin Serial Adapter. Keyspan says no Windows driver for that model. Don't know if any other driver would work.

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