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Boot Camp, Parallels Desktop, AutoStar Suite, DSI

Subject:	Intel Macs
Sent:	Sunday, January 25, 2009 19:41:37
From:	Stephen Colangelo (
im using a macbook with bootcamp and windows xp, i just bought a Meade
DSI and i have an ETX-90 EC

Im having issues with the DSI imager on windows xp running bootcamp with
the software, i installed the drivers but when i get to the DSI imager
screen it recognizes the imager but on the live pane it doesnt show
anything just blank grey screen, also when trying to click around that
window ,it suddenly freezes and i have to ctrl, alt, delete to shut it
down. what is going on???????


Mike here: I haven't used Boot Camp, nor do I have a DSI. I've used VirtualPC on a PowerBook G4 with WinXP and a Meade LPI and that worked fine. I've used Parallels (with AutoStar Suite) and Crossover Mac (both with limited usage) on my MacBook Pro. Perhaps someone with a similar configuration will respond.


ok thanks! i will try virtual pc
Mike here: VirtualPC does not work on Intel Macs.


oh, just found that out. oh well. idk what to do, i guess try parallels


Ok fixed using parallels, since I'm new can u tell me how to use it.
When In live mode all I see is static and lines?
Mike here: Nice to know that Parallels worked! First, read the AutoStar and Envisage manuals. Second, you may need to adjust the exposure.


Ok thanks, should this give me a image with out the scope like a webcam?
Mike here: Well, yes and no. You should see "light" but since without a telescope, there is nothing to focus the light.


ok gotcha, so if i put the camera in the telescope eyepiece holder and
point it at somthing during the day i should see an image not just light
Mike here: Yep. Just focus it. AND set the exposure to be very short. Remember, the DSI is a sensitive LOW-LIGHT imager.


right, ok thanks

And more:

Ok. On more thing, I got an image bit there are splotches on it, even in
live view , when taking darks I noticed these and I also noticed red and
blue dots towards the right, what is that? Also where do the images save
Mike here: Red and blue dots are likely "noise". They can/will be subtracted from the stacked images. The same probably applies to the "slotches". As to file locations, it has been a LONG time (years) since I used AutoStar Suite to save images, so I forget where it automatically saved the images. Maybe that is mentioned in the manual.


Ok thanks

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