Last updated: 18 February 2009

Parallels Desktop, AutoStar Suite, LPI

Sent:	Wednesday, February 18, 2009 04:31:00
From: (
I have a question regarding why my  LPI works when I use K3ccd tools but
for some reason  I am unable to get it to work with the software that
came with the camera. I am unable to get a live view with the camera
with the screen being black or light gray and also have noticed that the
histrogram is always showing 0.I am using a new mac notebook and using
paralle desktop to run windows xp.I was able to to get the LPI to work
on my  windows desktop with no problems and as I mention above with
K3ccd tools.I will be very thankful if you may have a reason why I might
be having this problem.
Mike here: Another person reported a similar problem with a DSI, AutoStar Suite, and Boot Camp. He was able to resolve it by switching to Parallels Desktop for Macintosh. So it would seem that it should work with the LPI. My LPI is still packed from my move to Arizona and won't be available until after I get moved into my new home (still under construction).

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