Last updated: 4 July 2007

Subject:	Ticks and Telescopes
Sent:	Tuesday, July 3, 2007 11:41:12
From:	Michael Lang (
I just came back from my 4th Doctor visit in 3 weeks. I have Lyme
disease, Babesiosis, and some other Tick-borne disease.

But not to worry - the Babesiosis is almost gone, and the other stuff is
in the early stages and treatable. It's still no fun.

Anyway, I probably got this stuff during one of the many nightly
expeditions into the countryside I've taken this year since the Spring
viewing season started.

The point of my message is that folks who go out into the wilderness at
night should use DEET or a good Tick repellant (Mosquitos too), and
check themselves carefully for the nasty critters after a viewing
session. And I would change out of my clothes and wash them in screaming
hot water afterwards because the only good Tick is a dead Tick !

Mike Lang
Aldie, Virginia

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