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Sent:	Monday, September 20, 2004 10:28:10
From:	WallyJulia Scarboro (
Hi Mike, wicked and interesting site indeed and worthy of a visit each
day so that I do not miss anything..

However, as I read and read a lot of the questions posed by your other
readers I have not as of yet come

Across anyone who has posted any daytime viewings!!!!!! This is really
very strange, as our nearest and

Dearest Star is so close why miss an opportunity to view over say a
Lunch break or other.

I am resident in the UK, A small, very small town on the East Coast of
North Yorkshiresome may of heard

Of a town called Whitby.ok, well it isn't that town but one a little
further south called Scarborough.

You have heard of it and would like to visit, give me a call..anyway as
I was saying I am a resident of some

43yrs and following a major Motorcycle accident in 79' I am disabled. As
I went about daily life I was constantly

Searching for something, anything that I could grab with a passion and
follow through. Computers came and with me are still

Here all 4 of them other hobbies arrived and faded and then, yes a
bright light appeared in the sky it was the SUN.

That was it, my calling I quickly logged onto the web and had a browse
through a shop called e-bay and came a cross a

Scope of some repute known as the ETX-70AT. Was this my calling, of
course not it was the wife shouting in the background

"Answer the Bl*&^@ Phone will ya".

Okay I did what millions of others dared to do and placed a bid and then
with nails bitten down to the skin in nervous

Anticipation I checked my Inbox for that piece of news that means
another big deal has been done, clinched, whatever.

I arranged all the details and as I live in the UK but my scope was in
the US I was told to allow a few extra days for delivery all know what it's like waiting for that Elusive Boyz Toy to
arrive, pacing back and forth looking out for the postman

Only for him to smile as he quickly, deftly walks by you with 'Nothing,
Nothing but another bundle of Junk mail.

Eventually my little piece of technology arrived, I looked at it then
looked at it again and thought okay what happens now.

Not really, I ripped the thing out of it's box and heaps of packing foam
to then have it standing, mounted in front of me. Finally

This shiny little toy which had caught my attention was now reality and
the possible fulfilment of my desire, something that to me

Was going to satisfy my need to do something suitable to my searching etc.

I did finally purchase my first scope and along with it from another
company a Filter, yes a filter (Please. Please make sure you have

One in place before you even think of looking at the sun, or ELSE) A
Solar Filter which was my main reason for stargazing.

As I am virtually housebound I have now found that the days quickly
become filled with observing those little black specks that

Appear on the surface of the sun. Each day they differ form several to
one and as I now view throughout time I like to keep a log of

Sunspots just to keep me busy and learning.

Okay, there you have it I wonder now if anyone will also start to post
more on daytime scooping of the Sun. The next step in the story

Would be for me to look at purchasing one of those new pieces of high
tech equipment a Hydrogen Alpha thingmajiggythingy.

Keep up the good work Mike it is a pleasure to hear from you and the
community worldwide, day or night I know it's their waiting to be


By the way, just thought you'd like to know I have just been and dunnit
again.ETX-125EC Scope on the way as we speak. I reckon

In a few years I will have a line of them all linked up and Whizzing &
Whirring the Night Away..bye4now

Clear Skies to all

Mike here: Yes, an H-Alpha filter would make a nice addition to the ETX-70. I've considered one myself but haven't done it yet.

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