Last updated: 30 September 2004

Subject:	My ETX 70 thoughts
Sent:	Monday, September 27, 2004 08:01:58
From:	Pamela Nelson (
Good Morning, because of your ETX web site I have learned to appreciate
and understand more functions of my 70AT, I am no longer upset by not
having Mars up close and personal in my face.  Your site has also
encouraged me to view many other objects in the night sky. I do not
understand all that I see, but have learned that groups of clusters and
stars are one huge giant picture.  I wish I could watch the sky all
night long.

I made the same mistake as many others, I went out for looks and fancy
gizmos.  I had no idea of what "my expectations" were, I believed in
what the package described.

Yep, the big 125 is beautiful, but I travel very light around Berkeley
with my little baby 70AT.  I searched around for a carry case, my brain
is pointing me in the direction of a "baby bag" and use foam and plastic
to protect it.  I enjoy reading the many different "modifications" that
users of try.  I haven't the faintest idea of what most people are
talking about but I continue to read anyway and make little notes.

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