Last updated: 31 March 2004

Subject: Shadow transits on Jupiter with the ETX-90 RA
Date: 3/28/04, 19:47
From: chrisbrown4 (
I was able to catch the multiple shadow transits on Jupiter last night
(3/28/04) using my ETX-90 RA.

When I first received this telescope (xmas!) a few years ago, I was
lucky enough to catch many shadow transits, some double, and quite by
accident!  Shadow transits were no problem with this unit, using an 8mm
Televue Plossl, and they appeared as tight round balls transiting the
Jovian surface, quite obvious with direct vision!

Last night, my timing wasn't perfect, so I was only able to catch the
shadows of Io and Ganymede, but they were quite clear, as were the
numerous belts visable at 120x using a 10.5mm Meade RG Ortho,  I tried
my RG 7mm, but much detail was lost! I even dragged my wife out to see
this event, and she was skeptical, then very impressed by the excellent
contrast and resolution this little telescope is capable of, even in the
city glare!

It was a wonderful sight, highlighted by the fact that only one moon was
visible in Jupiter's orbit at the time (Ganymede?), which I have never
seen in my 10 years of observing!

There is never a dull moment with the ETX 90!

Chris Brown

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