Last updated: 16 September 2004

Subject:	First night out with the 90EC
Sent:	Thursday, September 16, 2004 13:11:54
From:	Charles, Charles Nixon, Nixon (
Ahhhh.....what can I say except AWESOME!!!!!!

The first night I went out with the 90EC was one of the best nights I've
had ever.  The only one that can compare is maybe the very first night I
went out ever. I had found Saturn all by myself through a department
store telescope at the age of 8 (I look back and look at the telescope
now, and I say "How in the world did I pull that off?")

Anyway, back to the 90.  First, I did an Alt/Az home position (a
controller came free with it!!!) and did a two star alignment.  First I
went for Alcor/Mizar. Both stars came in to the FOV without me touching
it! Plus, I saw for the first time in my life Zeta Ursae Majoris next to
Mizar.  Next I went to Vega.  Again, right in the middle of the eyepiece
lens!  I was sooooooo happy!  (As you know, the 70 had not worked for me
[ Just after the warranty had gone up, no less!] and I was happy to
finally have a telescope that would work again).  After the alignment, I
tested it on M13.  It was centered, but kind of dim (seeing as New
Haven's lights were like a bright bubble in the sky coming from the
horizon under it).  I was happy nonetheless.  Then, my dad let my
brother try driving around the sight, so the headlights were interfering
alot.  I didn't get to see much for a 15 minute block.

After this, however, I was able to center on the Andromeda Galaxy.  It
was breathtaking.  I spent a good half hour just looking at it, every so
often giving my eye a rest, until my dad said 'time to go'. I was
disappointed, but I have a great session to look forward to next time!

Charles Nixon
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