Last updated: 8 January 2004

Subject: observations with ETX
Date: 1/7/04, 12:32
From: "Rua, Jose (DHS)" (
We have had great success and satisfaction with the scope thus far.  
Though we consider ourselves no longer to be "novice" amateurs, my
spouse and I are however a little preplexed by what we "think" we saw
the other day with our ETX 125 UHTC.

While observing Saturn at it's zenith and during brief moments of very
steady and clear seeing on 1/5/04 at approximately Midnight EST we think
we saw a glimpses of the Encke division at a high power of 594 (SP 6.4
eyepiece with 2X Barlow).

Also while observing under the same conditions shortly after the above
the same night, we think we saw Sirius's companion Sirius B.

We have read that the Encke division requires a resolution of .5
arceseconds and that Sirius B being a white dwarf and only 4 arceseconds
away from Sirius can require a large scope.

Are we losing it or does this this litttle scope perform like a much
larger scope under the right conditions?  Have you heard any similar
reports about ETX users observing the above?
Thanks for your time and feedback.
Mike here: See the articles "Observing Planets - Saturn" and "Observing the Sirius Companion Star" on the Observational Guides/References page. They can be seen, with special effort and luck.


Thanks for the info.  I am printing the info as I  send this.  Thanks
again for the site.


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