Last updated: 11 April 2005

Subject:	ETX 125 first light with Autostar
Sent:	Saturday, April 9, 2005 20:09:31
From:	Jakob Jorgensen (
Finally I have a clear night to test my new ETX 125 UHTC using

I went to a nearby school lot with a good view of the sky and set the
scope up, aligned and leveled the scope and set it to home position.

I then entered the date and time (I did the set up and training the
drives when I first got the scope) and did the autostar alignment. the
autostar first slewed to Sirrus and it was visible in the finder. I
centered it in my 32mm eyepiece and then is slewed to Capella, again
visible in the finder and this time also in the eyepiece. I centered
again and then did some tests. First I went to Saturn (saw the rings
casinni's division), Jupiter (banding was very visible as were 4 moons),
Orion Nebula, Pleiades, Double cluster and M37. Every one was visible in
the eyepiece!

Per a recommendation from your site and an e-mail from one of your
reviewers I got some scoptronix eyepieces and am very happy with the
results, great value!! i used the 18mm and 32 the most.

I am very impressed with this scope and can't wait to get to darker
skies!  thanks to your book/ site, I was well prepared for my first
setup using autostar.

Jakob Jorgensen

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