Last updated: 18 April 2005

Subject:	Observations, both recent and archived
Sent:	Sunday, April 17, 2005 13:18:03
From:	Mark and Alison Kudlowski (
I have completed my observation reports for both March and April, having
figured out that the Moon would be too much of a nuisance until the very
end of the month. The reports include one from a dark-sky site (March
12) and several faint galaxy sightings. I have added brief details of
star fields where I had seen particularly tough galaxies, as an aid to
any observer who would like to repeat my findings.

So far, I have managed to spot over a hundred galaxies in my ETX-125
from the mag 5 suburbs, but I haven't yet succumbed to aperture fever !

I have also tidied up my archive reports from August to November 2004,
so that they now appear as more user-friendly Word documents. They are
currently filed under Helpful Information / User Observations / ETX 125
/ User Report, User Report Part 2, User Report Parts 3 to 5. The tidied
reports might be easier for readers to see.


Incidentally, do you know of any magazines for the ETX, where I could
write articles based on my reports ? I am interested in improving my
layman-friendly scientific writing style.
Clear Skies
Mark Kudlowski 

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