Last updated: 4 June 2005

Subject:	Collected ETX-125 viewing reports for late April and May.
Sent:	Wednesday, June 1, 2005 13:32:05
From:	Mark and Alison Kudlowski (
I have completed another batch of viewing reports (MS Word) for April
and May, having now come almost full circle around the night sky since
I'd bought the ETX. The season of all-night twilight is now upon me here
at 54 North, with no truly dark skies for me to enjoy again until late
July. Worse still, Saturn is now becoming lost in the evening twilight,
with Jupiter soon to go.

My sessions for the next couple of months will have to be restricted to
doubles, variables and only the brighter deep-sky stuff

The only major target I have yet to see in the ETX is Mars, due later
this autumn and early winter. The Red Planet will appear slightly
smaller and less bright than it did two years ago, but at least it will
be high up in Aries, and not rather low in Aquarius !
Clear Skies

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