Last updated: 9 January 2005

Subject:	MARS OBSERVATION  3 September 2003 C.M.Longitude 237.4 degrees Meade ETX90EC
Sent:	Friday, January 7, 2005 06:49:32
Looking ahead to the 2005-2006 apparition of Mars I have  found another
observation I did not report to you.

I observed Mars from our home at Caernarfon,North Wales on 3
September,2003 at 22.00 hours Universal Time. The Longitude of the
Central Meridian was 237.4 degrees. The planet was to the left of a
Leylandii tree in our back garden.The seeing was IV on the Antoniadi
scale which means not too good. The only 2 features I could see on the
planet's disc using the 9.7mm eyepiece (x129)were:-
 1.A dark marking slanted from 8am to 2pm on  a clockface in the upper
 lefthand portion of the disc.
 2.I also thought I could see just about see the polar cap-reduced in
 size from my observation of 12 August 2003- at the bottom of the disc.
 My wife Rita confirmed the dark marking but she couldn't see the polar cap. 
 From the June 2003 issue of Sky and Telescope and S & T's Website in
 2003  I  identified the dark marking as the Mare Cimmerium.

I have reported this observation to the Society for Popular Astronomy's
planetary Director Ian Phelps.

In future I would like to try photography of the planet.I obtained a
Digital Camcorder for my wife- a JVC GRD60EK-last year and I am
considering purchasing a Camera Phone for her birthday. Do you have any 
advice on using Camcorders and Camera Phones please?

I understand ALPO's Jeffrey Beish is asking for drawings and images of
Mars taken with telescopes of 4" aperture and above during the 2005-2006

Your Website is inspirational Mike 
 Please keep up the good work, 

Clive Morris
Mike here: See the Helpful Information: Astrophotography page for info on camcorders and camera phones.


Thanks,Mike, for pointing me to the Astrophotography page and for all
your help in the past,

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