Last updated: 26 April 2005

Subject:	Using the ETX-90 in the daytime
Sent:	Sunday, April 24, 2005 19:33:32
From:	The Brown Family (
I just came back from the high desert, with my ETX-90RA in tow, and I
have an observing report to pass along to you.

Daytime observations with the ETX-90RA.

I went to the desert this weekend with the idea of comparing 7mm
Orthoscopic eyepieces (Meade Research-Grade vs Celestron Flat-top) on
Jupiter and Saturn, but instead, I observed in the daylight, and came
away with a new appreciation of the optical quality of the ETX-90RA!

I set up my ETX-90 early, a few hours before the sun went down to ensure
proper cooling, and I noticed a big black crow on a rock about 1500 feet

I trained the ETX on the crow, using just an MA 25mm, and I was
astounded by the detail I could see!! Razor-sharp, shiny feathers,
blowing in the wind, I could clearly see the color of the crows' eyes,
and when it blinked! The color and detail were perfect! I tried a
circle-t 20mm Erfle, and the image improved!!

I next caught a mourning dove on the power line above me, about 25 feet
away. Again with the 25MA, I caught a highly detailed view, which filled
the eyepiece, and I was surprised that I still had some focus travel

My daughter took a look, and she said, "You can see it's feet!", and
sure enough, the dove's feet were in perfect detail, you could see every
wrinkle, along with the twisted strands of the powerline that the dove
was perched upon!

I next aimed the scope (motordrive OFF!) at a radio tower about 20 miles
distant, on the other side of the valley. I was able to use 100x
(Celestron Vixen 12.5mm Ortho) easily, with no image breakdown, but with
my 7mm Celestron Ortho (178.57x) I finally got the image to dull,
understandable considering I was looking 20 miles across a windy valley!
The image was right-side up, but reversed...not really an issue, if it
bothers you, Meade sells a 45-degree diagonal.

This experience has opened up a whole new observing level for me and my
ETX-90RA, and I think I will be observing alot more when the sun is up,
from now on!

Chris Brown

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