Last updated: 18 June 2005

Subject:	ETX-90PE First Light
Sent:	Wednesday, June 15, 2005 10:17:08
From:	Mitchel D Doremus (
Let me get on the bandwagon and compliment you on a great site. I've
been looking to buy a scope for years. Looked at a lot of dobs and even
bought an ETX-70 a few years ago, but took it back (just didn't click
with it). I'm a gadget guy so the whole idea of a GOTO scope was cool.
And I learned a long time ago when getting into new tech (Tivo, XM
radio, etc.) that if you find a good fan website about the product
things end up easier and more fun all around.

So, got my 90PE. Spent the early evening setting it up indoors.
Downloaded the latest Autostar to the handbox. Took it outside in the
day to CALIBRATE and TRAIN. My wife and I were astounded by the view of
the top of the telephone pole across the street! I then put in the 2x
barlow. All of the wiring for the street is held together by black
electrical tape and cable ties.

Then it got dark. Did a manual align on the Moon. WOW! Then started
automatic align. LNT seemed to work OK. Then it went to the first
alingment star. After waiting for the beep, I clould not seem to move
the scope using the arrow keys. Smartfinder was of no help, it's tough
to determine exaclty were to look. The problem was I had the slew speed
set so low that I couldn't tell if the scope was moving. I discovered
this after several restarts. Set it at a feaster speed and as soon as I
got near Acturus, my first alignment star, here come the clouds. Oh the
wrath of the telescope Gods is a bitter fate.

I'm hooked. Can't wait for the next clear night, and that might be for
awhile. So until then It's telephone poles for me.
Mitch in Cloudy Cleveland

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