Last updated: 8 August 2005

Subject:	Observations Summer Triangle Region
Sent:	Monday, August 8, 2005 07:15:45
From:	Charles and Carol (
Hi Mike ( Charles from Boston ) just dropping a quick note on some
observations I made last night.  I decided to just play tourist and scan
the summer triangle.  I used my ETX 90 EC with a 32 mm Tele Vue Pl at
39x non auto mode manually driven .

I started with Vega which was absolutely stunning a brilliant white
diamond on a black velvet background.

then I observed M-57 a distinct little smoke ring and on this the
optical excellence of the TV really becomes apparent I can't say enough
about this EP

then onto Altair which had a slight reddish tint brilliant and from
there to the Coat ( Collinder 399 or Brocchi's cluster ) almost fit
group into FOV at 39x a great grouping of stars.

Next up was Alberio again a perennial favorite  the color difference is
startling tonight it was a brilliant light copper and topaz companion

At approximately 0315 UT I observed a dazzling shooting star estimated
mag 0.0 between Vega and Arcturus trail probably spanned  15-20 degrees
moving NE to SW right direction for an early Perseid

Also observed were several small clusters between Alberio and E cygni
not identified will have to look up on Orion deep map  600 as well as a
small double star both components light copper colored again I said just playing tourist tonight.

The summer triangle region is well worth attention the Cygnus star
fields and surrounding area is just an explosion of stars that is
stunning beyond description.  With the house and kids I don't get or
make enough time for just looking around glad I did.

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