Last updated: 4 January 2006
Subject:	ETX - Binoviewer comments
Sent:	Tuesday, January 3, 2006 17:09:17
From:	Jon & Sharon Risch (
Thanks for the nice ETX site! I am a beginning amateur with a 125 ETX.
Soon after getting the scope I was deep into trying to get the most from
it and into getting eyepieces etc. The concept of a binoviewer made good
sense to me and after a lot of thought, I took the plunge and got one.
It comes with its own set of extra (problems?) like double eyepieces and
extra weight to deal with. I got a Denkmier after reading as many
reviews as I could find on the subject and considering the pros and cons
of each model. I am satisfied with it but am still not so sure the two
hundred dollar ones aren't just as good. Anyone know for sure? (Maybe I
don't want to know at this point!) I haven't used the single eyepiece
method since getting the viewer so I guess I must think it is a good

The drive on the ETX is marginal so it is essential to balance the setup
as well as possible so no extra stress is put on the system. I
"invented" a system that does this and adjusts to the different weight
of the three sets of eyepieces I have. The ETX has two threaded holes on
the bottom of the tube mount that I use to attach my system to the
scope. It is a quick way to attach the weight system and does not put
any stress on the optical tube that might affect culmination. I am in
the process of redesigning the system to make it less prone to any
wobble from the weights.

I also mounted a Burgess multi rectical sight system alongside the
finder scope. With the binoviewer installed, the viewer had to be
swiveled out of the way in order to properly use the finder. It is much
easier now with the Burgess system installed. I seldom use the finder
scope anymore.

I highly recommend using a binoviewer! Two eyes are better than one. Be
prepared however to do some engineering to make things work well
together. Jon Risch.

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