Last updated: 31 August 2006
Subject:	Etx 70at
Sent:	Tuesday, August 29, 2006 11:43:41
From:	bomartin (
this weekend at a estate sale, i found a etx 70at scope with case,
trypod, filters, three lens, instruction book and electronic eyepiece,
the woman had it for sale for 50.00 (fifty dollars) and no one was
buying, when i ask what the story was, she informed me she had purchased
it for her husband a year ago but last month went outside to see how he
was doing and the scope was not in the up position, i wanted to ask
which neighbor it was pointed at, but knew better, as she was not in a
good mood, i purchased it, not knowing anything about scopes but it
seems like a nice one, saturday night i went out and looked at the moon
which was going down and was greatly surprised, the detail, i had never
really seen before, then when to Jupiter ( i did not know it was jupiter
at the time) (just another bright star) surprised me ever more. i had
never seen the moons nor did i even know they were there, i did not use
the controls as i had not read the book, just pointing and looking, i am
56 years old and never saw jupiter, until saturday night, i set for some
time just in amazement of that planet, i put the scope up and started
looking on the internet for sites to help me. you were one, i have spent
some time on your site and like a little kid, filled with excitement of
the next time, i get to use it. thank you for having a site like this, 
i look forward to many more nights of star viewing.
i have so much to learn,

pensacola, florida usa

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