Last updated: 7 May 2006
Subject:	ETX-80AT-BB, First Light
Sent:	Saturday, April 29, 2006 07:09:20
From:	Don Wittenauer (
Great web site.  Lots of useful information.  Thanks.

Bought the ETX-80AT-BB last weekend from the Discovery Channel store.
Reminder to all, you get what you pay for!  I really like this

It has been cloudy since I bought it.  It has been sitting in my
kitchen.  I have used it a lot to watch the various birds feeding in the
backyard.  You can get real close.  It is good that it comes with the
erecting prism.

Last night it was clear.  I just sat in the back yard and scanned the
skies. There sure are a lot of stars you can't see with the naked eye. 
Even with street lights, neighbors lights, car lights; I was able to see
a lot of stars.

Even saw a couple of bright objects screaming across the sky.  No
flashing lights.  Going faster than any of the airplanes.  No tails
either.  I was able to keep up with them with the motor drives.

Focusing can take a lot of turns with the small knob.  Can get cramps in
the hand.

Mostly used the 26 mm lens.  Tried the 9.7, to narrow of a view for me
at this time.  I enjoy seeing more stars in the field of view.  After
all, its not about power, right?

I need to learn to use the Autostar.  I am really pleased with this
scope. This is my first scope.  I'm 53 and have never looked through a
scope in my life.  If my grandson likes it, I will be buying him one. 
He is seven and takes his parents camping a lot.  They will find it easy
to take along and it can be used 24 hours a day.

Thumbs up on this scope.

Don Wittenauer

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