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Subject:	Some wanderings inthe winter skies
Sent:	Saturday, December 30, 2006 20:44:30
From:	Charles and Carol Piso (
Charles from Boston again.....
I just wanted to wish you and your the very best of new years and share
with you a pleasant night of observing I had .  I ttok out my trusty and
mighty ETX 90 EC and took a look at some old friends for the first time
this season.

M45 was absoloutely spectacular and showed just a hint of nebulosity

M42 again amazing and I also used my Orion Ultra block and my newly
aqurired OIII believe it or not tonight I would have to give the edge to
the ultra block

Double Cluster  every time i look at this gem with the ETX 90 I am
always amazed that the whole complex structure is viable in my TV 32 MM
PL.  Just like someone spilled dimonds onto a black felt.

And last but not the least for all the Lunies out there I took quite a
bit of time just meandering around the moon Gassendi and the Ibrium
Basin were a treat to just site see around  so far I have picked off
about thirtyfive of the lunar 100 and as soon as i can scan in some of
my sketches I'll e-mail them off to you.

And one last note this last year I have really used to a great benifit
Dr Clays Book The complete Amature Astronomers Hand book realy a find I
cant believe I lat it slip by unnoticed for all these years.
Mike here: Yep, Dr. Clay Sherrod's book is a good one to have. I have a review of it on the Accessory Reviews: Books page.

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