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Subject:	Astro report ETX
Sent:	Sunday, March 12, 2006 00:16:00
From:	Jan H Kolst (
Report from Norway 4 Mars  2006
I've been staying in the mountains for a week now skiing and observing.
Here I have my ETX 90 which I enjoy very much. It's been very cold at
times .Tonight -22 Celsius and the ETX 90 worked very nicely. It slewed
to M42 watching the "trapes"(the four stars), Saturn, Mars, the Moon.
Due to the tough weather conditions I had to give in after an hour
because I was freezing.  But I was impressed by the scope performing so
well in such conditions. I think it's safe to say that the  ETX 90 in
the mountains HAUKELI 850m above sea level(59.45 N 007.22 E)nearly coped
with the ETX 125 which I use in the city (Haugesund 59.25 N 005.17 E)
where the light pollution is much stronger than in the mountains. 

Anyway I had a fantastic vacation in the mountains skiing and amateur
observing. Much of my experiences I owe to Mike Weasner and his
brilliant Mighty ETX and  I'll also like to thank Oceanside photo
telescope where I bought the ETX 125.
Jan H Kolstoe

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