Last updated: 19 May 2007
Subject:	#140 Barlow for ETX-60AT
Sent:	Friday, May 18, 2007 22:39:52
From:	Karl Triebel (
Great website, thanks for keeping it updated.

My dad bought my nephew an ETX-60AT for his birthday, I bought him the
field tripod, and I've helped him get it up and running.  We were a bit
disappointed with the 25mm eyepiece after the first run, but we had a
great time with the GOTO system.

I hesitantly bought the #140 Barlow (2x) after reading some reports here
that it would not focus properly, while others said it was fine.  (The
shorter Barlow was not in stock).

I am happy to report that the #140 focused with both the 25mm and the
9mm eyepiece (and the change in focus between those two was not too
far).  Also, the #140 combined with the 9mm provided a terrific view of
Saturn on a good viewing night.  No Cassisini division, but a definite
ring that even my 4-year old niece could identify.  The #140 focus point
was about three turns short of the "stop" when turning it clockwise,
with the 9mm, so I am not sure if it will work with any greater
magnification eyepiece.  Oh, and this was only about an hour after
sunset, and in the suburbs, so the sky was not very dark at all.  I was
also able to identify the shadow on Venus, despite how blinding bright
our neighbor is right now.

Unfortunately, the clouds came out before Jupiter did, so I did not get
to see Io in front of the big gas giant.  But I am sure I would have
seen it based on the way the rings of Saturn were displayed.

I was so excited to see Saturn's rings.  I had a telescope when I was a
kid but I cannot remember ever seeing the rings like this.  Thanks
Meade, for a really great "cheap" telescope.

Karl Triebel

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