Last updated: 4 January 2007
Subject:	Saturn
Sent:	Monday, January 1, 2007 09:22:31
From:	melee (
I have a nice little ETX-60.  I've never seen Saturn until tonight, as
anything other than a tiny, bright point of light.  Picked up a X2
Barlow at a local store today... and that, together with my 9mm let me
see the planet and rings.

I think I sat there for almost 30 minutes, just looking at that
beautiful planet :) Even forgot to look at other things, like M42 or M45
(my favorites.)

I'll keep and use my ETX, but am looking to upgrade to a nice LX200.

I have a 9mm, a 25mm and now a X2 Barlow.  If you were to add one more
eyepiece to your collection, what would you add?
Lee Shackelford
Linkou, Taiwan
Mike here: With the 2X Barlow Lens you have focal lengths of 25, 12.5, 9, and 4.5mm. Since the ETX-60 is more of a wide field instrument and has a maximum theoretical magnification of about 120X you should probably save your money for that LX200.

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