Last updated: 17 April 2007
Subject:	ETX 80 AT-TC used to view Saturn and its Rings.
Sent:	Thursday, April 12, 2007 12:36:13
From:	John Kerley (
For those not sure if you can see Saturn and its Rings using this scope
the answer is, "Yes You Can". To get a reasonable image you need to use
the supplied 9.7mm SP eyepiece combined with the internal x2 Barlow.
Focusing is a little hit and miss due to vibration but with patience a
pretty good image can be achieved. I found the Easy Align Setup
simplicity and the scope slewed straight to Saturn albeit not quite
centred. Obviously it is important to centre using the supplied 26mm SP
eyepiece initially, re-centre / re-focus using the 9.7mm SP then flick
in the x2 Barlow followed by stacks of re-focusing (anti-clockwise) to
get the image to appear. The image didn't appear until I was more or
less at the extreme end of the focus run but the effort was worth it.
The ETX 80 was used to view Saturn from Bristol, England at 8:30pm on
Saturday 7th April 2007. To be honest with you the images of Saturn
obtained using my ETX 105 PE, in the past, haven't been that much better
than this little scope achieved on this night.
John Kerley.
Bristol, United Kingdom

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