Last updated: 23 February 2008
Subject:	ETX-60AT Review
Sent:	Friday, February 22, 2008 08:50:41
From:	Michael Landstrom (
I have read alot of negative reviews on this telescope along with the
positives, on this site and on some other sites. I bought this as a
family Christmas gift with my girls in mind. The weather has been pretty
cold at night so I only have had a few nights out with it for moon
exploration and this telescope does a great job. The lunar eclipse was
the first night to get Saturn in the sights. Yes, the image was kind of
small considering the distance from Earth and this telescope's power,
but I could see the entire ring band(no seperation of the rings) and the
gap between Saturn and the rings. It was such an awesome feeling to see
Saturn through my own telescope! I was using the 4mm eyepiece at x2. I
tracked the moon during the eclipse and the tracking system worked
great. Was especially nice with my daughter and neighbors wanting to
peak at the moon and I didn't have to adjust anything. So, for the
money, I am very impressed with this telescope. I am pretty critical
about things I buy when they don't work right. This is my first
telescope and for beginners like myself, this fits the bill. Maybe a
bigger telescope down the road, but this was money well spent. If you
get a reaction from your kids that what they are viewing through the
telescope is awesome-that was the reaction that my daughter had viewing
Saturn-than that is money well spent!
Michael Landstrom
Sumter, SC USA
Mike here: Yes, the ETX-60 (and ETX-70 and ETX-80) models make fine instruments, if you understand the limitations and capabilities.

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